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 Five Ives
IV(n) medical equipment that is used to put liquid directly into your blood; drip
big leagues(n) 【1】。スポーツ=major league
Ty Cobb Tyrus Cobb 1886-1961 American baseball player and maneger who was the first player elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame(1936)
【3】コッブ:Ty(rus Raymond) ("The Georgia Peach") タイ・カップ[カッブ](1886-1961):米国のプロ野球選手
Warren Spahn Warren Edward, スパーン(1921-):米国大リーグの左腕投手
pop(n) a word meaning your father, used especially to address him
mug(v) to attack someone and rub them in a public place
Tech Texas Tech
drool(v) 1to let saliva flow from your mouth 2 to show great pleasure in looking at someone or something
hold on to 2 to keep something by not losing it, selling it, or having it taken from you
Lodi 【2】ローダイ:米国 California 州中部,Sacramento 近郊の都市
Perridge おそらく野球選手(検索でもわかりませんでした)
gut(n) 【3】(英俗)腹(部); 太鼓腹
piss(v) 【3】(俗)(…について)文句を言う,ぶつくさ言う
Julio Uribe おそらく野球選手(検索でもわかりませんでした)
bounce(v) to move up and down, especially because you are hitting a surface that is made of rubber, has springs etc
Boom Holmes おそらく野球選手(検索でもわかりませんでした)
peerless(adj) better than any other
send up 1 to make something increase in value2 to show how silly something is by coppying it in a very funny way
Franco-Amrican フランス系[フランスカナダ系]米国人(の); 米仏の
Franco-(prefix) 1 of France 2 French and
Maalox(n) 商標マーロックス.胃薬;(一般に)胃薬
overpay(v) to pay someone too much
mbunt (おそらく)buntが訛ってmbuntになっている
b's 野球「塁打(base hit)
sumbitch(n) 発音綴り=son of a bitch
sour(adj) unfriendly or looking bad tmepered
Wiedl 話の中に出てくる歴史の先生
the sweep of the quality that an idea, plan, piece of writing etc has of considering many different and important things
saga(n) a long story, especially one that continues over a period of many years
(一般に)英雄物語,武勇談 系譜小説,大河小説(saga novel):一家,一門などの数世代にわたる年譜的長編小説;roman-fleuve ともいう
lock(n) a thing for fastening a door, drawer etc, that you can only open with a key
(1)(…の)確実な成功[入手]の見込み(on)(2)a lock(俗)確実に成功する人[もの]
holler(v) to shout loudly
prombly (おそらく)probablyの訛り
Hub Kopf おそらく野球選手(検索でもわかりませんでした)
commercial(adj) more connected with money than with quality
Junior Wren おそらく野球選手(検索でもわかりませんでした)
axtly (おそらく)exactlyの略
halter(n) a type of clothing fo women that ties behind the neck and across the back, so that the arms and back are not covered
bump(n) 衝突のショック,衝撃(おそらくセックス)
wasted(adj) 2drunk or affected by drugs 3very tired and weak-looking
pop(v) to put something somewhere quickly for a hor time
pepper(n) pepper game :(試合前ウォーミングアップとして行う)軽いトスバッティング
grounder(n) ゴロ
b.p.(n) below proof (アルコール飲料が)標準強度以下
ahold(n) (…を)つかむ[握る]こと
get ahold of to take something and hold it with your hands
take a leak to pass water from your body; urinate
nudge(v) to push someone gently, usually with your elbow, in order to get their attention
smithereens(n) smash sth to smithereens ; to completely destroy something by breaking into very small pieces
mbout (おそらく) about が訛ってmboutになっている
mbeat (おそらく) beatが訛ってmbeatになっている
mbefore (おそらく)beforeが訛って mbedoreになっている
mborn (おそらく)bornが訛って mbornになっている
Harding Earth 話の中に出てくる神父
wrong(adj) not suitable for a particular purpose, situation, or person
mblame (おそらく)blameが訛ってmblameになっている
mbut (おそらく)butが訛ってmbutになっている
swore(v) the past tense of swear
mBerkey (おそらく)Berkeyが訛ってmBerkeyになっている
mbe (おそらく)beが訛ってmbeになっている
mball (おそらく)ballが訛ってmballになっている
brake(n) 歯止め,ブレーキ
Roe Humble おそらく野球選手(検索でもわかりませんでした)
Tommy John おそらく野球選手(検索でもわかりませんでした)
idle(v) to spend time doing nothing
dippy(adj) silly or crazy
square off to make something square with straight edges ; to get ready to fight someone
miss it a foot 1フィート差で逃した
blast(v) to produce a lot of loud noise, especially music
strawng (おそらく)strongが訛っている
ghetto(n) a part of city where people of a particular race or class live separately from rhe main population, usually in bad conditions
ghetto talk 仲間内の話
faingers (おそらく)fingersが訛っている
sacrifice(v) 犠牲バント[犠打]で進塁させる
検索はLongman Dictionary of Contemporary English とAmerican Heritage College dictionaryと小学館ランダムハウス英和辞典CD-ROMを使いました
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