Net勉強会(Sudden Fiction Internationalを読む)
 第二回 復習テスト
(Part 1)

1 What was Anya wearing at the moment her husband passed away?
(a) a dress
(b) only her underpants
(c)only her brassiere
(d) nothing but a towel around her body
2 Was her husband alone when he was dying?
(a) Of course.
(b) He was with his cat.
(c) His friends were visiting.
(d)His mother was beside him.
3 How did I change after Anya's husband's death?
(a)I always run naked.
(b) I can't telephone anyone.
(c)I eat more and have gained weight.
(d)I have begun to answer phone calls at dinner.
4 Is Anya young?
(a)She is 55 years old.
(b)She is 40 years old.
(c)She is 17 years old.
(d)She is 28 years old.
5 Anya is illiterate. Where does she come from?
(a) She comes from Hong Kong.
(b) She comes from Cyprus.
(c)She comes from Madagascar.
(d)She comes from Russia.
6Choose one place where Ajit Babu hasn't lived.
(a) a tunnel
(b) a pipe
(c) on a roof
(d) a freight wagon
7 How many children had he lost before Prodeep was born?
(b) 1
8 Why did Ajit Babu lost his foot?
(a)He lost his leg in a civil war.
(b)Someone who was sleeping beside him on a footpath of Chittranjan Avenue
chopped his leg off.
(c) He fell from the roof of a tram and the driver didn't stop the tram.
(d)He fell from the roof of a building where he was living.
9 What did Ajit say his life had been like?
(a) unlucky
10 What did he do for living?
(a)He was a school master.
(b) He ran a grocery store.
(c)He was a carpenter.
(d)He was a priest.

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