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 第二回 復習テスト
(Part 2)
Gregory/The Grasshopper And The Bell Cricket

1 What was the order from Headquarters?
(a)to hang Gregory to death
(b) to shoot Gregory to death and hang his body from a telegraph pool
(c) to release Gregory
(d)to confine Gregory in a prison
2 What kind of person was Gregory? Choose one which is NOT adequate for describing Gregory(from the list below).
(a)He was not good at cooking.
b) He was talkative.
(c)He had a girl friend in his country.
(d)He could sew, darn and patch.
3 What did Gregory do when the sentry was sleeping and rest of soldiers were gone?
(a) He ran away.
(b)He was washing his clothes.
(c) He was sitting by the sleeping sentry and reading a magazine.
(d) He was writing a letter to his girl friend.
4 What were the last words Gregory said?
(a) I don't believe this.
(b) No, no....
(c) Why?
(d) I hate you, hate you...
5 How did Gregory save 'my' life?
(a) He killed a scorpion that was climbing up my leg.
(b) He carried me to the barrack when I was shot in the battle field.
(c) He gave me food when there was nothing to eat in the barrack we lived in.
(d) He saved me when I almost drowned in a pond.
★The Grasshopper and The Bell Cricket(P60)★
6 What did the children in the bushes of the embankment carry?
(a) torches
(d) flashlights
7 What were the children doing?
(a) They were looking for a missing cat.
(b) They were chasing insects.
(c) They were watching the fireworks.
(d) They were looking at Milky Way in the sky.
8 What did Fujio give Kiyoko?
(a) a bell cricket
(b) a grasshopper
(c) a lady bug
(d) a beatle
9 Did anyone of the children notice the greenish light which could be read 'Fujio' was on the girls breast?
(a) Every one of the children noticed it.
(b) Only Fujio noticed it.
(c)The girl and Fujio noticed it.
(d) None of the children noticed it.
10 Where was the girl's name 'Kiyoko' inscribed in red on ?
(a) On Fujio's back.
(b) On Fujio's waist.
(c) On Fujio's breast.
(d) On Fujio's hand

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