第十回Net 勉強会 2002,12

Pygmalion(n) (ギリシア神話)ピュグマリオン:彫刻が巧みな Cyprus の王;自作の象牙(ぞうげ)の乙女像に恋をしたが,彼の祈りにこたえて女神の Aphrodite がこれに生命を与えた
mimicry(n) まねること,物まね,人まね
vivify(v) …に生命[生気,活気]を与える,元気[活気]づける
contortion(n) the act of twisting something so that it does not have its normal shape, and looks strane or unattractive, or the fact being twisted in this way
曲げる[ねじる,ゆがめる]ことねじ曲げられた状態;ねじれ,よじれ,捻転(ねんてん), ゆがみ,ひきつり;ゆがんだ[よじれた]姿勢
dazzling(adj) if a light that is dazzling makes you unable to see properly for short time 2 very impressive and attractive
reawy really が訛っている
conserwation conservationが訛っている
liveliness(n) はつらつさ
recapitulation(n) (音楽)再現部
prompt(v) to help a speaker who pauses, by sugesting how to continue
stuffy(adj) someone who is stuffy is too formal and has old-fashioned ideas
touching(adj) making you feel pity, sympathy, sadness etc
impediment(n) a physical or nervous problem that makes it difficult for someone to speak or move normally 2 a situation or event that makes it difficult or impossible for someone or something to suceed or make proress
blurt(v) to say somethin suddenly and without thinking, usually because you are nervous or excited
pompous(adj) trying to make people think you are important, especially by using very formal and important-sounding words
nitwit(n) a silly person
frostily(adj) 暖かみのない,冷ややかな,不親切な
snug(adj) clothes that are snug fit closely
wriggle(v) to twist from side to side with small quick movements
defiant(adj) refusing clearly to do what someone tells you to do
tax shelter(n) a plan or method that allows you to legally avoid paying tax
scoff(v) to laugh at a person or idea, and talk about them in a way that shows you think they are stupid
feeble(adj) extremely weak
numb(v) to make someone unable to feel pain or other sensations
frontal(adj) towards the front of something
boom(v) to make a loud deep sound ; to say something in a loud deep voice
aside(n) 1 word spoken by an actor to the people watching a play, that the other characters in the play do not hear 2 a remark made in a low voice that you only intend certain people to hear
(周囲の特定の人に聞こえないように)小声で言った言葉,独り言;つぶやき (話の)脱線,余談,挿話
turn sb on to make someone feel sexually excited
(俗)(…に)夢中になる,引きつけられるt〈人に〉食ってかかる,襲いかかる to, onto・;(性的に)興奮する
hearty(adj) cheerfully friendly
心の温かい,愛情の深い 元気いっぱいの;遠慮のない
glassy(adj) smooth and shining, like glass
(透明さや滑らかさなどが)ガラス[鏡]のような 〈目が〉生気のない,どんより[ぼんやり]した;〈表情が〉無表情な,さえない;冷淡な
slack(adj) not taking enough care or making enough effort to do things right
benignity(n) 仁愛,温情,親切;(気候などの)温暖,温和 親切な行為,恩恵,恵み
pettie(adj) a woman who is petite is short and attractively thin
rounded(adj) having a round shape; curved
child-support(n) money that someone pays regularly to their former wife or husband to support their children
entranced(adj) very interested in and pleased with something so that you pay a lot of attention to it
entrance(v) 〈人を〉(喜び・驚嘆などで)有頂天[夢中]にさせる,狂喜させる;(…に)うっとりさせる
conceive(v) 1 to think of a new idea, plan etc and develop it in your mind 2to imagine a particular situation
womanly(adj) behaving, dressing etc in a way that is thought to be typical of or suitable for a woman
plastic(adj) something that is plastic looks or tastes artificial or unnatural
〈精神・性格などが〉柔軟な,順応性のある;感じやすい,感受性の強い 作りものの;見せかけの;にせの;非人間的な;〈人が〉うわべだけの,誠実さのない,浅薄な,血が通っていない
alert(adj) 1 always watching and ready to notice anything strange or unusual 2 able to think quickly and clearly
(…に)油断なく気を配っている,用心深い殳o・;抜け目のない,鋭い 機敏な,(…が)敏捷(びんしょう)な
sensitivity(n) 敏感さ,感じやすさ;感受性,感性;神経過敏;思いやり
susceptible(adj) tending to experience strong feelings easily and be easily influenced by other people; impressionable
responsiveness(n) 敏感さ,反応性
so-and-so(n) an expression meaning a particular person or thing, used when you do not give their name
we-hell ?おそらく、we'llが訛ってるのだろうと思われます
fluting(n) フルートのような音
uncanny(adj) very strange and difficult to explain
超人的な,超自然的な;異常な,尋常でない 不可解な,神秘的な,怪しげな,ぞっとさせる,気味の悪い
horsy(adj) a face etc that is like a horse's
assumed(adj) 当然と考えられる
assum(v) to think that something is true, although you have no proof of it
smart(v) if a part of your body smarts, it hurts with a stinging pain
pliable(adj) easy to bend without breaking or cracking
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