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A Walled Garden
moss(n) Moss is a very small soft green plant which grows on damp soil, or on wood or stone.
スギゴケ類,セン(蘚)類 コケ コケの茂み
Natchez ナチズ:米国 Mississippi 州南西部,Mississippi 川に臨む港市
foliage(n) The leaves of a plant are referred to as its foliage.
Rye ライ:イングランド南東部,East Sussex 州の保養地;Cinque Ports の一つ
Saratoga サラトガ:米国 California 州西部の都市
cheerless(adj) Cheerless places or weather are dull and depressing.
Catawba カトーバブドウ (1)(特に米)ブドウの赤い一品種 (2)(1)の木;米国東部産
khaki(n) Something that is khaki is greenish brown in colour.
native(adj) Plants or animals that are native to a particular region live or grow there naturally and were not brought there.
verdure(n) (詩語)緑,(特に草木の)新緑
take one's finger (怠けるのをやめて)熱心に仕事を始める,本気で仕事に取りかかる
plot(n) A plot of land is a small piece of land, especailly one that has been measured or marked out for a special purpose, such as building houses or growing vegetables.
hereabouts この辺りに,この辺で,この近くで
zinnia(n) ヒャクニチソウ(百日草):キク科ヒャクニチソウ属 Zinnia の植物の総称;メキシコおよび米国原産
aster(n) アスター (1)キク科アスター属 Aster の草の総称;黄色の花盤に白,ピンク,青の舌状花が咲く;シオン A.tataricus など(2)(1)と近縁属の植物;エゾギク(China aster)など
league(n) A league is a group of people, clubs, or countries that have joined together for a particular purpose, or because they share a common interest.
(共通の目的を持つ人々の)集まり,会,協会 (特定の分類・位置づけをされた)集団,部類,同類;(同じ種類・同一水準の)仲間
Chest Drive 共同募金(Google 検索で調べました。赤十字の募金をさす場合もあるようです)
flower-minded(adj) 花に夢中な、花に興味が深い(Google 検索で調べた結果から推測した意味です)
bandbox(n) 普通より狭い場所[建物]
scrubby(adj) Scrubby land is rough and dry and covered with scrub.
hedge(n) A hedge is a row of bushes or small trees, usually along the edge of a garden, field, or road.
(低木や灌木(かんぼく)の)生け垣 (一般に)垣,垣根(泄トfence), 塀(へい)(wall),(物の列・人垣など)垣根の役をするもの
unsightly(adj) If you describe something as unsightly, you mean that it is unattractive to look at.
serpentine(adj) Something that is serpentine is curving and winding in shape, like a snake when it moves.
larkspur(n) ヒエンソウ(飛燕草):キンポウゲ科のヒエンソウ属 Delphinium と Consolida の植物の総称
indulgent(adj) If you are indulgent, you treat a person with speciao kindenss, often in a way that is not good for them.
presently(adv) You use presently to indicate that something happened quite a short time after the time or event that you have just mentioned.
(通例 will, shall と共に用いて)やがて,ほどなく,まもなく;すぐに
painstaking(adj) A painstaking search, examination, or investigation is done extremely carefully and thoroughly.
〈人が〉骨を折る,労を惜しまない,勤勉な 〈仕事などが〉骨の折れる,苦心を要する
fad(n) You use fad to refer to an activity or topic of interest that is very popular for a short time, but which people become bored with very quickly.
perennial(n) 多年生植物,多年草
annual(n) (植物)一年生の,一季生の
strongheadedness(adj) 頑固な,強情な,片意地な
testiness(adj) 〈人が〉怒りっぽい,短気な
tot(n) A tot is a very young child(INFORMAL).
somersault(v) If someone or somehting somersaults, they perform one or more somersaults.
middy blouse ミディブラウス:船員,婦人,子供などが着る,ウエストラインより下までの丈のセーラーカラーのゆったりしたブラウス
grit(v) If you grit your teeth, you press your upper and lower teeth tightly togther, usually because you are angry about something.
whoop(n) (興奮・喜びなどの)ワーという叫び声,喚声,歓声殪f;鬨(とき)の声
scraggly(adj) Scraggly hair or plants are thin and untidy.
毛むくじゃらの,毛深い;くしゃくしゃの,ぼろぼろの;もじゃもじゃの 不規則な;不ぞろいな,凸凹の;ぎざぎざの まばらな,ばらばらの
privet(n) Privet is a type of bush with small leaves that stay green all year round. It is often grown in gardens to form hedges.
filthiest(adj) filthy の最上級
filthy(adj) Something that is filthy is very dirty indeed.
shrub(n) Shrubs are plants that have several woody stems.
stir(v) If something stirs you, it makes you react with a strong emotion.
rufled(adj) 〈衣装が〉襞(ひだ)べりのついた,襞飾りのある
latticework(n) Latticework is nay structure that is made in th form of a lattice,
mumble(v) If you mumble, you speak very quietly and not at all clearly with the result that the words are difficult to understand.
deceive(v) If you deceive someone, you make them believe somthing that is not true, usually in order to get some advantage for yourself.
swelter(v) If ou swelter, you are very uncomfortable because the weather is extremely hot.
scowl(v) When someone scowls, an angry or hostile expression appears on their face.
hedgerow(n) A hedgerow is a row of bushes, trees, and plants, usually growing along a bank bordering a country lane or between fields.
harshly(adv) 荒々しく;厳しく;耳[目]障りになるほど;ぎらぎらして
gully(n) A gully is a long narrow valley with steep sides.
canniness(n) 用心深さ
celerity(n) (文語)(行動・動きの)敏速さ,機敏,素早さ
ringlet(n) Ringlets are long curls of hair that hang down.
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