第四回 The Elephant Summary 提出後のML討論
Written By Slawomir Mrozek
What do you think is the characteristic background of the
zoo director who did such a ridiculous deception ?
(by middle-angel)
1月の課題だったThe Elephant はなかなかおもしろかったですね。


What do you think is the characteristic background of the zoo director who did such a ridiculous deception ?


Here is my story of the "Zoo director".
Here is my story of the "Zoo director".

He's from a mediocre family and they were not so nice to other people.
He was the smartist boy in the family and his parents were very proud of him.
Althogh he was the smartist boy in the neighbourhood he was not that smart, as you know.

As he grown up, he realized that he was not smart enough to beat the other.
But he was burning with ambition to have a good career and willing to do anything to get it.
A good career is everything to him.

簡単な文章でお恥ずかしい^^; 他の方はどんなバックグランドを考えたのかな。

 I agree with what Sanae wrote.

 Hi! Folks!

I agree with what Sanae wrote.
I think the director of the zoo has one or two brothers and his brothers have obeyed him.
His mother also admires what he does and thinks.
But I think his wife is more proud of herself than of him.
She sometimes says and acts as if the director were stupid or not an important person.
So he had to succeed in his career.

Do you think they have any children?
If he had any children, what would he have told the elephant was made out of rubber?

I think he has no child.

How do you think about the director?
Please let me know how you think what kind of person he was.


He has never been interested in any people except himself.

The director of the zoo has been different from other people since he was a little child. He was a smart and well-mannered kid, but he has never cared about anybody around him.His parents have been proud of him being smart and competent, but they have never really tried to understand him deeply. He
didn't love his parents and he didn't care if his parents loved him or not.
He has brothers, but he has never cared about them either.

He has never been interested in any people except himself. He has never been interested in other creatures either. He doesn't understand why people need animals since animals don't work and make no money. He thinks that they don't need any zoo at all and children don't have to see animals. He even thinks it a waist of money to keep a zoo and take care of animals there.
When he became the director of the zoo, he didn't mind, but he only thought about a higher position he would possibly get next. It seems extremely rediculous to him to spend a huge amount of money on having a real elephant in the zoo.

His plan of making a rubber elephant didn't work and the children who witnessed the scene turned into hooligans. Was he shocked or disappointed?
No, not at all... It was just an elephant and just some children...so what?
This failure would have affected his career and it was the only thing he really careed about.

Does he have a child? No, I don't think so. Does he have a wife? Yes, maybe...having a wife might be important for him to get promoted.




The rubber elphant represents communist doctrine?

昨日、Sudden Fiction InternationalのAfternoteを読んだら、
The effect on the children of dixscovering the fake does resemble the reaction
of naive Stalinists to the revelation that Stalin was not a hero but a monster.

the rubber elphant represents communist doctrine?
偉いさんって、the zoo director みたいなんでしょうね。


Did he love anyone else? Uh.....I guess you are right. He doesn't care what other people think.
The failure he did would make him change, don't you think?
I think it is difficult that he change who he is.

Did the soulless official who decieded not to allocate an elphant but to make a rubber elphant would have regreted what he decided?
I don't thinkg so.
The official would have simply replaced the zoo director with somebody else.
And the director would have been resentful enough at the official who agreed the director's idea.
Only the director can do is to angry and resent at someone.
Because he think he had been always right.

He would have fired two zoo keeper at once, I suppose.
How do you think?



Thanks for your response.
Thanks for your response.

Hi, fellows.

It was really interesting to know how you guys analyzed the director.
I think I can agree with most of your depictions.

Promotion has priority over everything for him. As all of you know, he is such a typical beauraucrat. I'm afraid it was a big mistake of the authorities to appoint him (such a materialistic person) as a zoo
director. They should have considered "the right man in the right place." This can be said in our country, too. It is pity though.....

While reading your descriptions, I thought of several controversial issues in these days, such as Snow Brand scandal and the replacement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

"Afternotes" about Stalin which Goebei-san mentined was a good metaphor, I guess. I never read "Afternotes" before. I should have done that !! (>_<)


They found the elphant in the neighborings botanical gardens.のTheyって、誰を指しているんでしょうかねえ。その場にいた全員のような気もするし、動物園の人たちとも考えられるし・・・。他の方はどう思われて



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