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 The Grass-Eaters
spherical(adj) having the shape of a sphere
【1】球状[球形]の(globular); 球(体)の
ovoid(adj) shaped like an egg
cuboid(adj) 1】立方形の,さいころの形をした.【2】。解剖「立方骨の.(また cuboidal)
either(determinater) 1 one or the other of two things or people
2 one and the other of two things or people, each
【2】(2つのうち)どちらの…も,両方の臚ach, both のほうが普通
footpath(n) [C]especially BrE a narrow path for people to walk along, especially in the countryside; trail
local(n) [C]1[often plural] someone who lives in the place where you are or the place that you are talking about
【3】(しばしば locals)
fang(n) [C]a long sharp tooth of an animal suchas a snake or wild dog
bar(v) 1 to shut a door or window using a bar or piece of wood so that people cannot get in or out
3 to prevent people from going somewhere by placing something in their way
【2】〈人を〉(…に)閉じ込める殃n・;(…から)締め出す,除外する,排除する,含めない(from, out of)・
whirl(v) 1 [I,T] to spin around very quickly, or to make something do this[+about/around/toward etc]
2 [I]if your head is whirling. Your mind is full of thoughts and idears, and you feel very confused or excited
terminus(n) [C] the station or stop at the end of a railway line or bus service
snivel(v) BrE AmE [I] to behave or speak in a weak complaining way, especially when you are crying
tremulous(adj) literary shaking slightly, espcially because you are nervous
fatigue(n) 1 very great tiredness
trek(n) [C]1 a long difficult journey, especially on foot
rite(n) [C]1 ceremony that is always performed in the same way, usually for religious purposes
【1】(ばしば rites)厳粛に行われる式,(特に宗教上の)儀式;(特定の)儀式形式,典礼
chide(v) [I,T]litterary to speak agrily to someone because you do not approve of something they have done; rebukke
roundly(adv) roundly condemn/criticize etc(=criticize someone strongly and severly)
amount(v) 2 of an attitude, remark, situation etc amounts to something, it has the same effect
eschew(v) [T]formal to deliberately avoid doing or using something, usually for moral, religious, or practical reasons
confinement(n) 1 [U] the act of putting someone in a room, prison etc, or the state of being there
2 [C,U] an act of giving birth to a child; lying-in
【3】a confinementお産の床に就くこと,産褥(さんじょく)にあること;出産,分娩(ぶんべん)
overbridge(n) (道路・鉄道などに架かった)陸橋,歩道橋,跨線(こせん)橋,高架交差路
municiapl(adj) belonging to or concerned with the government of a town or city
kitten(v) 〈猫が〉〈子を〉産む【1】〈猫が〉子を産む【2】おちゃめに振る舞う
in tray(n) [C] a container on your desk in whichyou keep work and letters that need to be dealt with
latrine(n) [C] a toilet that is outdoors in a camp or military area
main 1 [C] a lare pipe or wire carrying the public supply of water, electricity or gas
【1】(水道・ガス・下水などの配管で)主管,本管;(通例 mains)(電気を引き込む)幹線;汢pコンセント(electrical outlet),(ガスの)元栓,(鉄道の)本線,幹線
prompt(v) 1[T] to make someone decide to do something, especially something that they had been thinking of doing 2 to make people say or do something as a reaction
stack(v) 1 [I,T] to form a neat pile or make things into a neat pile 2 to put piles of things on a place or in a place
tarpaulin(n) [C,U] a heavy cloth prepared so that will not pass through it, used to keep rain off things
gabled(adj) having one or more gable
corrugated(adj) in the shape of waves or folds, or made like this in order to give something strength
corrugated iron(n) 生子(なまこ)鉄板,波形鉄板
nibble(v) 1[I,T] to eat small amounts of food by taking very small bites
loin cloth(n) [C] a piece of cloth that men in some hot countries wear around their loins
threadbare(adj) 1 clothes, carpets etc that are threadbare are very thin and in bad condition because they have been used a lot
meager(adj) AmE meagre BrE a meagre amount of food, money etc is too small and is much less than you need
clad(adj) 1 literary wearing a particular kind of clothing
contrive(v) [T]1 to arrange an even or situation in a clever way, especially secretly or by deceiving people 2 formal to succeed in doing something in spite of difficulties 3 to make invent something in a clever way, especially because you need it suddenly
sulk(n) 【1】むっつりしていること,すねること
adamant(adj) formal determined not to change your opinion, decision, etc
relent(v) [I] to change your attitude and become less severe or cruel towards someone
communal(adj) 1 shared by a group, especially a group of people who live together 2 involving people from many different races, religions, or language groups
mound(n) 1 a pile of earth or stones that looks like a small hill 2 a large pile of something
ladle(n) [C] a large deep spoon with a long handle, used for lifting liquid out of a container
gruel(n) [U]a thin liquid food made of crushed oats that was eaten in the past by poor or sick people
loot(v) [I,T] to steal things, especially from shops or homes that have been damaged in a war or riot
procession(n) [C]1 a line of people or vehicles moving slowly as part of ceremony 2 several people or things of ths same kind, appearing or happening one after the other
denounce(v) [T] 1to express strong disapproval of someone or something, especially in public
eventful(adj) full of intersting or important events
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