Preparations Summary
(締め切り 2月28日)
Written By Kenneth Bernard

Nonsense is superior to common sense in certain circumstances. In such cases preparations are needed. I learned it through a story about Anya, a Ukrainian woman whose husband died of a sudden heart trouble. She was changing her clothes in the bedroom when her husband fell in the parlor surrounded by many guests. She rushed to him almost naked ( actually wearing only underpants ) and gave him the final message, and then he died. It is obvious if she had spent a minute to put on some clothes, he would have been dead when she got to him. Yet the scene was very odd to the people who happened to be there. They may have been shocked at her nakedness rather than her husband's death. I can easily imagine what 55-year-old fat naked woman looked like. The incident teaches me that I live in civilization with hesitation, pauses, reservations, but Anya doesn't. The incident changed my custom, too. I used to ignore phone calls during dinner but now I answer every call swallowing food even if it is a silly call. I'm deliberately prepared for a fatal notice.

A Solid Member of Society

Before Anya's husband had died I never imagined anyone in civilized countries could run naked in front of anyone if they was normal person.
But now I am thinking if someone important for me was dying how would I do while in a restroom, making love, at conference, showering etc?

I know it is impossible that people run naked in front of many people.
But Anya, who is a Russian and
illiterate, rushed to her her dying husband in fornt his former students and college. She was wearing only underpants.
First, I thought it was because her. However, she was not illiterate in Russian and she published a bookof poems in Russia.

I am a solid member of society, I never reblle common sense, but if when I was dying somebody russhed to me no matter how difficult to russh to me at once, I will be proud of me.

And I used to ignor anyone who phoned me while meals, now I can't help swallowing foods in my mouth and answering to callers.


Preparations...Cosmic Love..

Kenneth Bernard is the author of “Preparations”.
--People do die.
Terrible things do happen.
This is a thing we have to face someday.
But what if one of your precious families is suffering from chronic illness while you are standing naked in various circumstances?how you protect her/him from something terrible.
Keneeth Bernard, the author, gave an example of one serious thing.
He thought over a rumor of Anya, a certain Ukrainian woman, who is a wife and illiterate.
Friends were visiting, former students, a colleague when she was in the bedroom, changing.
Her husband knocked at the door, calling her name to tell to come. Then she came out instantly and rushed to the living room where they were, having only her panties on, was no better than nakedness. She was a fatso and fifty-five-year-old woman. She went to her husband, knelt and whispered ten words or so. And her husband died of heart attack.
The author thought she was just an illiterate woman only in English, and an educated woman enough to publish a book of poems when she was young.
This woman was a mystery to the author. She has something he doesn’t have.
She had come to her dying husband and grasped his heart in her raw hand.
The author asserted that it is the nature of civilization, of any culture, to interpose things between people and life, by which he means the hidden life that simmers or bubbles beneath the surface like some molten pool out of dim time.
He has come to bear her a kind of cosmic love.
He doesn’t speak to her, but he has made certain modifications in his life to accommodate her existence.
He is not about to go running anywhere naked with his backside, but he definitely sleeps less well. For years, it was his custom, when the telephone rang at dinner, his wife asked them to call back. For a while he considered leaving it off the hook at dinner but thought his regular callers might eventually feel rebuffed.
But now, when it rings, his wife says, “Just a moment,” and there he is, quickly swallowing his microcosm of food, ready for whatever it is.

私の解釈自体ミスだらけかもわからんけど・・・。はー・・・。勉強不足を反省します。m(x x)m sorry...


What do you do when something really urgent matters happened to you while you are not ready to get there right away. If the sprit seconds were a matter of life or death, what would you do? These thoughts came up to me when I heard a story of a Russian woman, Anya and her American husband who had a heart problem.

They had visitors when that happened. Anya was called when she was changing her clothes. Her husband had a heart attack. She rushed to him and was wearing only underpants on. She was 55 and flabby. She seemed didn’t care about her appearance in front of people and muttered few words to her dying husband.

Anya’s instant response to her dying husband without any hesitation made me think what I would do when I was in a situation like her. Came to the conclusion, I can’t be like Anya since I am too bounded to a civilization. Instead, I decided to prepare for the urgent matter as far as I can. I have changed my custom and it may be trivial to others but I am proud of myself. Because I would be very happy if there were someone like Anya holding my hand when I were to die.



What would you do if you were naked when somebody you love was dying and calling you? Would you rush to him or her immediately, or take your time to put something on? Anya, a certain Ukrainian woman I had seen around, a wife, illiterate in English rushed to her husband almost naked when he was dying. She was fifty five, fat, not pretty. There were friends, former students and a colleague there, so they witnessed his death and her nakedness.

This story of Anya made me think about people and life. If a similar incident happened to me, I would not behave like her because I am a solid member of society and I can never get rid of the nature of the civilization and the tragic limits. The measure of any kind of civilizations is in its hesitations, pauses and reservations. I recognize that some individuals who can escape from them are superior and Anya was one of them. I have come to bear her a kind of cosmic love. Since I heard the story I have changed my custom. Now I answer the phone during dinner quickly swallowing my food , which I didn’t do before. It is trivial, but I feel proud. If I ever were to die, it would be so comforting to have fat Anya naked, kneeling over me.




What do you do if somebody needs your help immediately while you are not ready to go there right away ?
The story about an Ukrainian woman, Anya made me pay more attention to certain small things about myself and take my measure anew.

Anya, who was neither young nor slim, was just changing clothes when she knew her husband was dying. Instantly she rushed to him almost neked. At that time they had some guests in the parlor with him. She went to him, knelt, spoke maybe ten words, and he died in front of them.

First I(the writer) thought it didn't matter because she was ignorant. But later I found out she was quite educated and had published a book of poems in her youth . Since then, that has bothered me. As I am thinking over this incident, I came to gradually understand her and find a kind of cosmic love in her.

I have made certain modifications in my life to accommodate her existence, which, I think, move in the right direction.




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