Don't You Blame Anyone

Summary (締め切り 8月31日)

Written By Julio Cortazar(P45)
Don't You Blame Anyone

It was a cold evening when a man trapped by the blue sweater.
He was in a hurry because his wife was waiting for him at a store to choose a wedding present. He rummaged for the sweater in the closet which goes well with the gray suit. He had trouble forcing his arm through the hole. Then he saw the ugly hand stuck out from the sleeve which finger looks wrinkled and bent inwards, like a black nail with a sharp tip. He quickly pulled his arm out of the sleeve to check what it was. There was the same hand as always.

He wanted to try other arm into the other sleeve out of curiosity. It was twice as difficult and suddenly he was surrounded by the blue gloom. He was trapped inside the blue sweater. He couldn't remove the sweater moreover the sweater got tighter so he couldn't breath easily. He fought with the sweater gamely.

Sometime later he suddenly felt cold air on his eyebrows and forehead, on the eyes. The cold atmosphere told him that he was "out". He opened his eyes slowly then saw the five black fingernails hovering over his eyes and he barely escaped from the attack of the black fingernails. He pulled at the sweater's collar upwards and ran twelve floors down where no "hand" and "sweater" exist but fragrant air was.

最初読んだ時は、まったく頭に入ってこなくてどうしようかと思いましたが読んでいるうちに面白くなってきました。Amazing storyとかスティーブン・キングの映画に出てきそうな奇妙な話ですね。

Don't You Blame Anyone

This is the story about a man who was at the mercy of a blue sweater.
It's fall evening. He was supposed to meet her wife at a store. But before going there, he thought that he would
wear something that went well with his suit; he picked a blue sweater.
It was not easy for him to wear it.
First, when he forced his arm through the hole, his hand appeared to something weird, not appeared to his own hand, which made him think that he'd better to put the other arm into the other sleeve. It was the beginning of the misery. Because of the lack of habit in beginning by the other arm, that operation was much harder than usual for him. The more he struggle with it, the more his effort doesn't work out. For the meantime he was stuck in the sweater. Although he could have his head coming out after a long struggle, he saw his hand looking something other than his own again, so he couldn't help but pull the sweater's collar up. It brought him into that sweater again.
He might have been panicked and tried to escape from the sweater and the hand. Finally he reached a certain place --- 12th floors down after all.
You would never blame anyone.


Don't You Blame Anyone

Once you get bogged down by something, it appears likely that you will have a big struggle to get out of it. If such a situation is caused all by yourself particularly, you can't blame anyone.  
It was six thirty and a little bit cold outside, so the man picked up a blue sweater to put on. He was in a hurry as he had kept his wife waiting for him at a store. He started putting the sweater on. That was the beginning of a big trouble.
Despite of his tremendous effort he couldn't wear the sweater, more precisely his weird right hand seemed to prevent him from wearing it.
He didn't understand what had happened to his right hand but when it came out of the sleeve, it looked like a black nail with sharp tip although it was his normal hand outside the sweater, which frightened him a lot.
He tried various ways to put on the sweater and got trapped in a blue web when he put head into collar and arms into sleeves simultaneously. 
Having struggled for quite some time his right hand went through the sleeve (collar?) first, and then the head managed to come out of the collar and felt the open air. However what waited for him there was the weird black fingernails again, hovering over his eyes. With fear he summoned up all his courage to run away from the sweater, the weird fingers, and this unlucky the thirteenth floor.

twelve floors downという表現にこだわり、彼がいた場所は「魔の13階」という大胆な解釈をしました。腕を通すと不気味に変わる右手もそのせいだと・・・。もっともこれは実際に13階ということではなく、比喩的に「不吉な場所」を表していると取ってもいいでしょうし、また彼がそういうふうに感じただけとも考えられますし・・・。

Tugging With The Sweater
It is a fall evening. He feels cold and wants to put on a blue sweater. His wife is waiting for him at a shop to buy a wedding present.
His sweater is nothing but a dangerous trap to lock him up in the blue spider web. He tries hard to put his hands through the sweater's holes, but he can only do for one hand. His hand which is out side of the sweater seems not to be his own. He pushes his head and he can't advance to the collar.
He thinks he should stop putting on the sweater, but he can't let his body out of it. Then he tried to go ahead, however, too hurt to go through. Now his lips seem to be blue because of blue wool, and his eyes and hand are hurting. At last he feels cold air on his head, so he can make his head out. However, he can't push any more. He wants to escape some place else where his body is enveloped only by fragrant air, but once again his head is trapped in the blue sweater.

どうもやっぱりわからなかったのですが、やっぱ、落ちなかったのかな。最後の方で、(P50の最初)「throw himself back」っていうのがあって、後ろに倒れたんだと思うのですが(それまでは、目隠し状態でくるくる回っていて、それで、膝をついたんですよね)、床に倒れたのかな・・・
最後のwhileも 何々している間、一方みたいな意味なのかな・・・

 Don't You Blame Anyone

It's fall evening and cold outside. He has to put on something to go out. His wife is waiting for him at the store to choose a wedding present.
He picked up a blue sweater but it was not easy to wear. He was struggling with a sweater. More he tries to wear it, more it tangles up on his arms and head. His right hand came out however it seemed to come out sweater’s collar, that’s why he feels the collar is pressing so tight on his face. He barely breathes because his face is completely covered by the sweater and his face is wet with the fluff of blue sweater.
Even though he tried to put his left hand out with his right hand, it was impossible to handle the movements of both hands. The situation is like a rat trapped in a cage and another rat is trying to help it run away.
He wants to make one last effort to push his head out and the left hand out as he turning around in the room, he suddenly feels cold air. He fell and opened his eyes carefully. He put off his sweater and ran to his wife waiting for him.



とても難しいというか、4ページにたったの16 sentencesしかないので、意味を捉えづらかったです。今までの作品の中で一番難しかったと思いました。

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