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beseech(v) 1 To address an earnest or urgent request to 2 To request earnestly
【1】〈人に〉嘆願[懇願]する,泣きつく,求める(to do, that節)【2】…を(人に)強く求める,懇望[懇請]する(of)
lieutenant(n) 1a. A commisioned officer in the US Navy or Coast Guard ranking above lieutenant junior grade and below lieutenant commander b. A first lieutenant c. A second Lieutenant 2 A commisioned officer in the British and Canadian naviess ranking just below a lieutienat commander 3 An officer in a police or fire department ranking below captain 4 One who acts in place of or represents a superior
【1】(1)。米陸軍・空軍・海兵隊「中尉(first lieutenant), 少尉(second lieutenant).(2)。海軍「大尉.(3)。英陸軍「中尉」【2】上官代理,副官【3】(米)警部補、(消防署の)副分隊[署]長.
telegraph pole(n) BrE a tall wooden pole for supporting telephne wires(telephone pole AmE)
(英)telephone pole(電話線の)電柱
exemplary(adj) 1 Worthy of imitation; commendable 2 Serving as a model 3 Serving as an illustration ; typical 4 Serving as a warning; adomonitory
entrust(v) 1 To give over (something) to another for care, protection, or performance 2 To give as a trust to ( someone)
pop-eyes(n) (びっくりして)大きく見開いた目
disposition(n) 1 One's usual mood; temperament 2 a A habitual inclination; a tendency b. A physical property or tendency 3 Arrangement, positioning, or distribution 4 A final settlement 5 An act of disposiong; a bestowal or transfer to another 6 a. The power or liberty to control, direct, or dispose b, Management, control
【1】(人の)気質,性質,気性,性分,習性,性向,性癖,気立て【2】(事物・行為に対する)心の持ちよう,気分,(心の)傾向,意向(to, toward・to do)【3】(物の)自然の傾向,性質【4】(軍隊・建物などの)配置,配列,配備;(dispositions)準備,作戦計画【5】(物事の最終的な)処理,処置,決着,決定;廃棄【6】(売却・贈与などによる)処分,譲与,譲渡
puny(adj) 1 Of inferior size, sgtrength, or significance; weak 2 Sickly; ill
canteen(n) 4 A flask for carrying drinking water
sentry(n) 1 a guard especially a soldier posted at a given spot to prevent the passage of unauthorized persons 2 The duty of a sentry, watch
【1】歩哨(ほしょう), 哨兵,番兵【2】見張り,見張り番【3】。軍事「米空軍早期警戒管制機
permit(n) 【1】(…の)許可証,鑑札,免許(状);認可書【2】許可【3】証明書
sieve(n) A utensil of wire mesh or closely perforated metal, used for straining, sifting, ricing, or pureeing
【1】(目の細かい)篩(ふるい), ざる【2】(まれ)口の軽い[秘密を守れない]人【3】(米)俗浸水するぼろ船[ボート]
second-hand(adj) 1 Previously used by another; not new
gulp(v) 1 To swallow greedil or rapidly in large amounts 2 To swallow air audibly, as in nervousness
wag(v) 1 To move briskly and repeatedly from side by side, to and fro or up and down 2 To move rapidly in talking, Used of the tongue
headache(n) 2 Informal something that causes annoyance or truouble
platter(n) 1 A large shallow dish or plate, used especially for serving food
darn(v) To mend (a garment, for example) by weaving thread or yarn across a gap or hole
Gregory(n) 【3】グレゴリー:男子の名ギリシア語でwatchfulの意
GregoryT(参考)(n) Saint. Known as "Gregory the Great". 540?〜604. Pope (590〜604) who sponsored the missionary expendition of Sanint Augustine to Britian(596)
court-martial(n) 1 A military or naval court of officers appointed by a commander to try persons for offenders under military law 2 A trial by a military tribunal
jackass(n) 1 A male ass or donkey 2 A foolish or stupid person; a blockhead
qualms(n) 1 A sudden feeling of sickness, faintness, or nausea 2 A sudden disturbing feeling 3 An uneasy feeling about the propriety ir rightness of a course of action
【1】(ばしば qualms)(行動に対する)不安な気持ち,ためらい;(…についての)良心の呵責(かしゃく), 気のとがめ(about)【2】(ばしば qualms)(突然の)不安,懸念(about)【3】(ばしば qualms)(突然の)目まい,(急に)気が遠くなること,急病,(特に)吐き気,むかつき
stupidity(n) 1 The quality or sondition of being stupid 2 A stupid act, remark, or idea
wholesale(n) The sale of goods in large quantities, as for resale by a retailer
wholesale(adv) 1 In large bulk or quantity 2 Extensively; indiscriminately
wholesale(adj) 1 Of , relating to or engaged in the sale of goods in large quantities for sale 2 Made or accomplished extensively and indiscriminately; blanket
niwit(n) A stupid or silly person
nitwits devoid of feeling 何も感じない鈍い人たち
trickle(v) 1To follow or fall in drops or in a thin stream 2 To move or proceed slowly or bit by bit
cling(v) 1 To hold fast or adhere to something, as by grasping or embracing 2 To remain close; resist separation 3 To remain emotinally attached; hold on
jerk(v) 1 To give a sudden quick thrust, push, pull, or twist to 3 To utter abruptly or sharply
claw(v) To scratch, dig, tear, or pull with or as if with claw
lunge(v) 1 To make a sudden thrust or pass 2 To move with sudden thrust
【1】(フェンシングなどで)(…を)突く,突き刺す歛t, into・;(ボクシングで)(…に)ストレートを出す(out/at)
barrel(n) 4 a The cylindrical metal part of a firearm through which the bullet travels
imprint(n) 1 A mark or parttern produced by imprinting
brass(n) 6 Slang High-ranking military officers or other high officials
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