1 応急処置; First Aid

火傷 :清潔な水で5分間以上冷やす burn:Use clean water, cool it down for more than 5 minutes
ひどい火傷 :医師にみてもらいなさい。敗血症になることがあります。 serious burn :Go to the doctor. It might become blood poisoning.
中毒:茶さじ一杯の食塩かオキシフルを飲ませ、胃内容物を吐かせる。 poisoning:Give a spoonful of salt or hydrogen [h´dr-jn] peroxide,[p-rk´sd´´] and induce vomiting.
ノミ・ダニ:小屋の毛布やタオル等を処分し、スプレーやシャンプーをする。 flea, tick : Remove all blanket, towels and so on from the house of the pet. Use spray and shampoo.
Vomiting : If the animal vomits just one time, don't give any food or water to it for 12 hours, then give it a small amount of water.
If it is vomiting continuously, go to the hospital immediately.
下痢:12時間は水や食べ物を断ち、その後少量の水を与える。 diarrhea[d´´-r´] : Don't give any food or water for at least 12 hours, after that, give a small amount of water.
耳の障害: 表面の汚れはぬらした綿でふき取る。奥の方まではいじらないようにする。 ear trouble : Wipe the dirt on the surface with wet cotton wool. Don't touch the inner part of the ear.
熱射病, 日射病: 涼しい場所に運び、冷たい水で全身を冷やしてやる。 heat stroke,sun stroke : Bring the pet to the cool place and cool its entire body down with cold water.
歯・歯茎の障害: 乳歯から永久歯への抜け替わる時、よく注意して時々ブラッシングをしてやる。やわらかい食事だけでなくビスケットタイプのものも与える。 tooth trouble, gum trouble : When a baby tooth comes out and a permanent tooth is appearing, brush carefully from time to time.
Feed not only something soft but also something hard like biscuits
目の障害:ホウ酸水で汚れを落としてやる。眼球はいじらないようにする。 eye trouble : Clean the dirt with boric [bor´k, br´-] acid solution. Don't touch its eye balls.
皮膚の障害:汚れた部分を洗って、よく乾燥させ、障害のひどい部分は被毛を刈ってやる。 skin trouble : Wash the dirt and dry it out. When the trouble is very bad, cut the fur which covers the trouble.
咬傷:傷の周りの被毛を刈って傷を露出させ、清潔な水で洗い流す。出血があるときは、包帯などで止血する。 bite : Cut the fur around the wound and expose the wound. Then wash it with clean water. If bleeding, stop bleeding using something such as a bandage.
肛門腺の障害:定期的に肛門腺内容物を絞りだしてやる。条虫による障害がないか調べる。 anus gland trouble : Squeeze the contents out of the anus gland regularly. Check if there is any trouble caused by tapeworms.
骨折:動物を常に温かく保ち、注意深く新聞紙を丸めたものや、タオルなどで固定してやる。また、必要ならば、止血する。 broken bone : Keep the animal warm. Using newspaper, a towel etc. carefully, set the broken bone. If needed, stop bleeding.
交通事故:安静に保ち、止血をほどこす。注意深く動物を扱い、温かくしてやる。 traffic accident : Keep the injured animal quiet, and stop bleeding. Treat the animal cautiously. Warm it.

2 症状の説明( Explanation of symptoms)

火傷をしました My pet had a burn.
ひどい火傷をしました My cat had a serious burn.
食中毒になりました He is stricken by food poisoning.(これはaがいらない)
ノミに悩まされています My cat is suffering from fleas.
吐きました My pet vomited.
She threw up.
何度か吐きました She vomited several times.
朝からずっと吐いている She has been vomiting since this morning.
下痢をしている My dog is having diarrhea.(a はつかない)
耳からうみが出ています His ear is running.
He has a discharge from his ears.
日射病になった My pet had sunstroke.(aはつかない)
She suffered from sunstroke.
歯茎から血が出ている His gums are bleeding.
歯がぐらついている Her teeth are loose.
歯茎がはれている His gums are swollen.
目やにがでる My cat has a discharge from her eyes.
My cat has a discharge of mucus from her eyes.
体をかいている My dog is scratching his body.
体が臭う(くさい) His body stinks.
His body has an unpleasant smell.
犬に噛まれた A dog bit my cat.
足の骨を折った My puppy broke his leg.
交通事故でケガをした My cat was injured in a traffic accident.

3 いろんな質問のしかた

What seems
What's the
What's the trouble with your kitten?
What's up?
What's going on?
What's happened to your doggy?


How long has this been going on?


How long did it last?


Has this ever happened before?


When did you first notice this?
When was it that you first noticed this?
When did it start?
When did his symptom appear?

When did it happen?
When did the accident occur?
When did the dog bite your cat ?


When did your dog last have anything to eat?
When was your pet's last meal?
When did you feed your pet last time?


Have you noticed anything else?
Anything else?

4 会話してみよう!
AHT : Hello this is NARUO Animal Hospital.
May I help you?
A : Yes. Please.
AHT : (名前を尋ねる)
A : (名前を言う)
AHT : (どうしましたか?)
A : Well, (症状を説明する)
AHT : (よく聞こえない)
A : (症状を繰り返して言う)
AHT : Oh. (いつ始まったか尋ねる)
A : (いつか言う)
AHT : OK, well....(応急処置を説明する)
A : Thank you.

宿題 : 症状の全種類の日本語を書き、その英語をそれぞれ5回づつ書きながら声にだしてて練習する。

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