第十八回Net 勉強会 2003,3
  The Street-Sweeping Show
mimeograph(v) 謄写[複写]版で刷る
echelon(n) An echelon in an organization or society is a level or rank in it.
complexion(n) When you refer to someone's complexion, you are referring to the natural colour or condition of the skin on their face.
utilitarian(adj) Utilitarian objects and buildings are designed to be useful rather than attractive.
deferential(adj) Someone who is deferential is polite and respectful towards someone else.
modulate(v) If you modulate your voice or a sound, you change or vary its loudness, pitch, or tone in order to create a particular effect.
shrewd(adj) A shrewd person is able to understand and judge a situation quickly and to use this understanding to their own advantage.
pore(v) If you pore over or through information, you look at it and study it very carefully.
Federation(n) 連合
Literary(n) 文学
pillar(n) If you describe someone as a pillar of society or as a pillar of the community, you approve of them because they play an important and active part in society or in the community.
smug(adj) If you say that someone is smug, you are criticizing the fact they seem very pleased with how good, clever, or lucky they are.
come into play When something comes into play or is brought into play, it begins to be used or to have an effect.
Pacesetter(n) A pacesetter is a person or a company that is considered to be the leader in a particular field or activity.
Martyr(n) A martyr is someone who is killed or made to suffer greatly because of their religious or political beliefs, and is admired and respected by people who share those beliefs.
whisk(v) If you whisk someone or something somewhere, you take them or move them there quickly.
assortment(n) An assortment is a group of similar things that are of different sizes or colours or have different qualities.
wheel barrow(n) (荷物運搬用の)手押し車
dignitary(n) Dignitaryies are people who are considered to be important because they have a high rank in goverment or in the Church.
retinue(n) An important person's retunue is the group od servants, friends, or assistants who go with them and look after their needs.
strut(v) If you strut your stuff, you act in a proud way and show off.
onlooker(n) An onlooker is someone who wathces an event take place but does not take part in it.
cordon(n) A cordon is a line or ring of police, soldiers, or vehicles preventing people from entering or leaving an area.
buzz(v) If something  buzzese or buzzes somewhere, ig makes a long continuous sound, like the noise a bee makes when it is flying.
chitchat(n) Chit-vchat is informal talk about things that are not very important.
grit(n) Grit is very small pieces of stone, It is often put on roads in winter to make them less slippery.
ちり,ほこり,砂塵(さじん), 砂
popsicle(n) A popsicle is a piece of flavoured ice or ice cream on a stick.
pursue(v) If you pursue a person, vehicle, or animal, you follow them, usually in order to catch them.
visored cap サンバイザ-つきの帽子
single file A group of people who are walking or standing in single file or single file are in a line, one behind the other.
wield(v) If you wield a weapon, tool, or piece of equipment, you carry and use it.
entourage(n) A famous or important person's entourage is the group of assistants, servants, or other people who travel with them.
pitch in 協力[助力]する,勢いよく仕事を始める
grim(n) unpleasant and depressing thing
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