Lost Keys

Summary (締め切り 9月30日)

Written By Paul Milensky(P172)
Lost Keys

The old dziadz, and I used to go fishing. The old dziadz would put distance between us while fishing. He drove, left the keys to us after parking near the stream, and was gone.
After his retirement, he slowed down a little, like falling on a rock, caught in a swirling stream... Around the same time he began to keep the keys.
On the last time when we went fishing, it rained. And while fishing, we were not together as usual. When I returned to the car, the old dziads had already been there. He was all wet and his lips were pale. He told me he lost the keys. It seemed like the accident gave him the pain within his mind. I suggested some ideas like a phone call to my brother, bum rides or something, but he did not agree on any ideas and still tried to look for them. I actually could not think he lost the one set of car keys and asked him some questions with implying it. That made him cross and he went out to the stream to find the keys. At the moment I found the keys; they were lying near the wheel hub, which he had sat on. I told him that he had given them to me and I had forgotten. But he noticed it was not true, putting his head down, just standing in rain for a long time.


Lost Keys

Age will tell. The older one gets, the weaker he becomes. Aging seems to accelerate after retirement and it is very pity that we have to face the fact sooner or later. No exception !!
The old dziadz and I used to go river fishing together and he always liked to fish alone silently so as not to scare fish on a stream. After parking the car near the river, he always tossed me the car keys and left for fishing until he got tired of it. he never felt any fear in those days.
The things however changed a little bit after his retirement. He experienced a few bad accidents. Once he fell on a slippery rock and another time he got caught in the middle of the swift stream. Those bad experiences made him lose his confidence and decide to keep the keys by himself.
The last time we went out to the river, it was raining hard and there he lost the keys. He just sat against the wheel hub despondently in the rain when I came back to the car. I tried to think of every possible way to get out the situation, but he was very depressed at his simple mistake. For him it wasn't just losing the keys, but a big metaphor. Although I found the keys, he kept standing in the rain and staring at the ground for a long time.

Lost Confidence
Although I don't know whether the old dziadz was sociable, he liked fishing. He used to keep the keys of his car and put some distance from me while fishing. After his retirement he became a little weaker. Once he fell on a slippery rock, broke glass. Another time, he was caught in the middle of the stream in a swirling current. Then he began keeping the keys.
The last time we fished together, he lost the keys. He was too disappointed to take any means to make things better. He lost not only keys but also his confidence to do anything. He wouldn't hear what I said, and he moved back down to the stream.
I found the keys which were lying where he had been sating. I told him that he hadn't actually lost the keys, which he had given them to me. However, he just dropped his his head and stood in the rain for a long time.

Ronっていうのが、the old dziadzの名前ですよね? 最初のページは何度も読んじゃいました。簡単なようでちと、難しかったです。
Lost Keys

The old dziadz used to like fishing alone. He put some distance between the companies and fished very quickly like the flow of water. When we go fishing, he is the first out of the car, passes me the key, he is gone. After one or two hours later, he turned up quietly, which made me surprise.
After his retirement, he aged a little. He had some mishaps as every old people else does.
The last time we went out, it was raining. I couldn't meet him at the stream as usual. I didn't know that he was sitting by the car, soaked completely. He said he lost the keys and tried to find them carefully, but the keys were still missing. I suggested a few ideas to get home however he did not like my suggestions. He sat down unintentionally on the ground, then I found the keys in the dent of it. I called him, but he was still standing, looking at the ground without expression in the heavily rain.


Lost Keys

I would often go fishing with the old dziadz. He was nimble and always wanted to be the first there, that is, he made everything ready for fishing before parking the car near the stream, got out of the car first after parking the car, tossed me the keys, headed downstream and began fishing. He liked to fish putting some distance between us not to scare fish on a stream.

However, he slowed down a little after his retirement. Once he fell on a slippery rock and broke his grasses. Another time, he got caught in the middle of the stream in a swirling current. Then, he turned his ankle terribly when dropping himself from a high bank. He began to keep the keys after those accidents.

The last time when we went fishing, we had a cold rain. I did not meet in the stream as usual, and when I returned to the car after catching a lot of fish, I found him sitting on the wet ground by the car, soaked to the skin. He told me that he had lost the keys. I suggested some ideas to go home, but he liked neither of them.

Then, I found the keys lying near the car, where he had sat on them. I called him and told that he were not to blame for it, because I had forgotten he had given me them. In spite of that, he would not hear me at all and dropped his head in the rain as though it were a burden.


Lost Keys
The old dziadz used to toss me the keys after he parked the car near the near the stream. And he was gone for an hour or two, then appeared instantaneously and took me by surprise. He liked to keep distance between him and me when we were fishing. He had a curtain way of his own about fishing and he persisted with it.

He had changed after retirement. It happened that He started to fail to do things. He broke his glasses, got caught in the middle of the stream, and he hurt his ankle when he dropped himself from a high bank to the stream bed. It was obvious that he was getting older and he could not do things in the same way as he used to. He began to keep the keys.

The last time was the worst. We went fishing in rain. We didn't meet on the stream When I returned to the car, he was sitting on the ground, soaked and desperate. He lost the keys. He told me he looked everywhere and no places left to look for them. He seemed that he lost confidence and said he was losing everything lately. He did not let me look for the keys, but when he walked to stream, I found them where he had sat. I lied to him and said I had the keys and had forgotten. The lie did not work. He was standing there in rain for a long time, looking sad and pathetic.



Lost Keys
Old dziadz and I were good friends. We used to go fishing together. Old dziadz loved fishing and knew everything about it. Since fish are precautious creature, Old dziadz didn't like to keep company. Whenever we went fishing he parked his car near the stream then tossed you the keys and ... he was gone. A couple of hours later he would appear out of nowhere then say "How you doing?"
That was him before his retirement.

Things changed slightly after that. He was aging a bit. He didn't have strength as him used to be. He began to keep the keys with him so he won't have to worry about them. Our last fishing was a rainy day. When I got back to the car, he was already there soaking wet and sitting. He told that he lost the keys in a weak voice. He took it seriously. He tried to find them badly. I said it just mere car keys it happens all the time. But Old dziadz was kept saying that he was losing everything lately. I found the keys where he had sat on them. I recalled that he gave the keys to me when he came back. I called to him and told that he didn't loose them but I did. But it was no use to him. He stood still in the rain looking at the ground for a long time with perfect dismay.

最後に、Iが言ったのはやっぱり心遣いだったのかな。他の方の意見を聞いてそう思えてきました。(...this did not work)だからやっぱりそうなのかな。ただ、もしかすると自分がIにかぎを渡したことすら忘れていた自分に愕然としたのかなとも思いました。
今回は、Ronが一体誰なのかとSummaryを書いた後に随分、掲示板で話し合いました。でも、結局、Ronは「I」の兄だということで、決着がつきました。というか、Ronがold dziadzの名前だと思い込んでたのと、マス釣りがキライなRonのことをold dziadzだと思っていました。マスは川魚なのだから、old dziadzはマス釣りが好きなんですものね。

老い、怖いけど、物忘れなんかしだしたら、「老人力」がついてきた! と喜んでいた赤瀬川原平さんの本、(老人力 筑摩文庫)大好きです。できれば、「老い」をマイナス思考でとらえずにプラス思考で面白がりたいです。

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