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The Falling Girl
skyscraper(n) A skyscraper is a very tall building in a city.
fortunate(adj) If you say that something or someone is fortunate, you mean that they are lucky.
filament(n) 細糸,糸状のもの
airy(adj) 空にそびえる,空高い
writhe(v) If you writhe, your body twists and turns violently backwards and forwards, usually because you are in great pain or discomfort.
spasm(n) A spasm is a sudden tightening of your muscles, which you cannot control.
abyss(n) An Abyss is a very deep hole in the ground.
深海,深淵(しんえん); 深い裂け目底知れず深いもの,どん底,極み(恥,絶望,破産など); 計り知れない[無限な]もの(時間など)
pulsate(v) If something pulsates, it beats, moves in and out, or shakes with strong, regular movements.
〈心臓・血液などが〉脈打つ,鼓動する (…で)震動する,震える
glossy(adj) You can describe something as glossy if you think that it has been designed to look attractive but has little practical value or may have hidden faults.
光沢のある,光っている,つやつやした;〈紙が〉表面につやのある もっともらしい,まことしやかな,見掛け倒しの
onyx(n) Onyx is a stone which can be various colors. It is used for making ornaments, jewellery, or furniture.
縞瑪瑙(しまめのう), オニキス,オニックス
sorcery(n) Sorcery is magic performed by using the power of evil spirits.
muffle(v) If something muffles a sound, it makes it quieter and more difficult to hear.
diversion(n) A diversion is an action or event that attracts your attention away from what you are doing or concentrating on.2 A diversion is an activity that you do for pleasure.
lyrical(adj) Soomething that is lyrical is poetic and romantic.
exalt(v) To exalt someone or something means to praise them very highly.
gallant(adj) If someone is gallant, they behave bravely and honourably in dangerous or difficult situation.
amid(prep) If something happens amid noises or events of some kind, it happens while the other things are happening. If something is amid other things, it is surrounded by them.
bustle(n) Bustle is busy, noisy, activity.
vivify(v) To give or bring life to; animate
seductive(adj) Something that is seductive is very attractive or make you want to do somehting that you would not otherwise do.
gild(v) If you gild a surface, you cover it in a thin layer of gold or gold paint.
weary(adj) If you are weary, you are very tired.
waver(v) If you waver, you cannot decide about something or you consider changeing your mind about something.
crafty(adj) If you describe someone as crafty, you mean that they achieve what they want in a clever way, often by deceiving people.
halo(n) A halo is a circle of light that is shown in pictures round the head of a holy figure such as a saint or angel.
make out …を(なんとか)判読する,見分ける
swarm(n) A swarm of bees or other insects is a large group of them flying together.
inauguration(n) 新時代・新政策などの)開始
spiteful(adj) Someone who is spiteful does cruel things to hurt people they dislike.
classy(adj) If you describe someone or something as classy, you mean they are stylish and sophisticated.
supplant(v) If a person or thing is supplanted, another person or thing takes their place.
plung(v) If something or someone plunges in a particular direction, especially into water, they fall, rush, or throw themselves in that direction.
taut(adj) If a person or their body is taut, they are very lean with firm.

Someone who is self-assured shows confidence in what they say and do because they are sure of their own abilities.

remedy(n) A remedy is a successful way of dealing with a problem.
windowsill(n) A windowsill is a shelf along the bottom of a window, either inside or outside a building.
pinnacle(n) A pinnacle is a pointed piece of stone or rock that is high above the ground. If someone reaches the pinnacle of their career or the pinnacle of a particular area of life, they are at the highest point of it.
高峰 (建築)小尖塔(せんとう), ピナクル:通例,屋根の頂部や塔
recess(n) A recess is a break between the periods of work of an official body sucha as a committee, a court of law, or a government. 3.In a room, a recess is a part of a wall which is built further back than the rest of the wall. Recesses are often used as a place to put furniture such as shelves.
tidy(v) When you tidy a place such as a room or cupboard, you make it neat by putting things in their proper places.
decrepit(adj) Something that is decrepit is old and in bad condition, Someone who is decrepit is old and weak.
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