The Falling Girl

Summary (締め切り 03年4月30日)

Written By By Dino Buzzati(P29〜P34)
The Falling Girl

Is this a metaphor or a satire ? Marta, a nineteen- year-old girl, made a big dive from the roof of the skyscraper. It was just about the time of sunset. Despite of the fact that she was falling, Marta felt as if she was hovering. For Marta, it seemed so far away when she looked downward. While traveling from the top to the bottom vertically, she saw some people.
First she saw people in the heyday living on top floors, some were offering her flowers or inviting to the parties, and others even trying to catch her from balconies. Everybody were interested in her. Marta enjoyed meeting those people, but she was in a hurry. The sun had already plunged into the sea.
The people Marta saw next were ordinary working people (Their offices may be on the middle floors.), some were typing, and others in aprons sitting at the manual labor line. Through the window, some of them also realized a girl traveling vertically. They asked Marta where she was heading and why. Some even showed enviousness in their asking. Instead of answering, she gave them "good-by" waving.
And then Marta realized that she was not only one but many other girls falling along the side of the skyscraper. It seemed that they were heading to a big ball down there, which was exactly the one Marta had once dreamed of . Compared with those nice dressed girls, Marta was only in a shabby dress. Such a big confidence she had at the beginning of a long fall had already gone. Now she started to feel if she had made an irreparable mistake. She doubted if like other girls, she could get to the ball in time. When she glanced upward, The dawn was spreading gradually over the skyscraper.
It was 8:45 a.m. A wife living on the 28th floor saw a very old woman passing by through the window. "You can see beautiful girls from the top floors, but at these height, we can see only falling old woman pass by...," said her husband.
Usually they can hear the thud when they get to the ground, but this time not even that.

The Falling Girl

 One evening a 19-year-old girl named Marta, looked out over the roof of the skyscraper and let herself hover in the air --- actually she was falling.
The sun had not set thoroughly and illuminated her, which made her look beautiful .
On the top floors there were the rich and elegant enjoying themselves with drinking and chattering. People there got interested in Marta, and some of them invited her. But she kept going down.
On the next level there were workers.
They stopped their duties and glanced at her.
Some of them asked why she was in such a hurry, and she answered something was waiting for her down there.
The sun had set already, and she began to feel cold.
On the lower level she saw some men and women going to have a party or something like that.
She thought that was what was waiting for her.
But at the moment she saw another girl falling like her, too.
In fact there were many falling women like her. It was just like a contest, and they were much prettier than her.
On a sudden she felt insecure.
Eventually she found she wouldn't reach the party on that level in time.
On the 28th floor there were a couple; the husband seemed like to have breakfast and the wife was cleaning the room.
They found an old woman falling down out of the window.
The husband said it was not an unlikely event --- they even could not hear the sound of the fall.


The Last Show

Marta was nineteen. For some reason she dived from the top of the skyscraper in the early evening. The sun had not yet sunk and that made her simple and cheap dress look attractive. People of the top floors were used to looking at such people like her, and they seemed to enjoy seeing her. Some of them invited her to have a drink. Marta refused their offer with some satisfaction.
After the sunset, her dress looked not so chic. Then another girl who was apparently prettier than Marta was falling behind her and passed by her. Marta realized there were many girls who were falling. Their faces were taut with the excitement of the flight, their hands cheerfully waving as if to say: look at us, here we are, entertain us, is not the world ours?
Marta felt miserable. She only wore shabby clothing. Then she suddenly felt fear; the fear of having made a terrible mistake without solution or amendment.
It seemed to be late at night now. The windows were darkened one after another, there were few people were looking out to her. The light of the entrance were also turned off. Her heart was tightening. Looking upwards, she saw the pinnacle of the skyscraper in its cruel power.
A man on the twenty-eighth floor was having his morning coffee and reading his newspaper. It was 8:45. A shadow suddenly passed before the window. His wife said it was an old woman. He told her that people of the hundred-and- fiftieth floor could see beautiful girls, but they saw only old women. His wife said they could at least hear thud. But this time they couldn't.

日が沈む前に飛び降りて、日が昇るまで落ち続けていたっていうことですよね? どれくらい高いビルなのか・・・ありえませんよね? けど、飛び降りが注目を集める最後のショーかのようで、奇妙な話でした。けど、どうして、最後に落ちが音が聞こえなかったのか・・・

The Falling Girl
A girl was seeing the city below over the roof of the silver skyscraper. She saw the streets and hundreds of buildings down there and the white houses ended by the blue ocean. Gradually sun set and the city was covered by the darkness.
Her name was Marta and she was nineteen. She leaned over and let her go. She was hovering in the air.
Although she wore a cheap spring dress, the lyrical light of the sunset made it pretty. Rich people offered her some flowers and cocktails, said something to her as she was falling quickly. At the same time, the sun went down into the sea. Therefore, girl's dress didn't reflect anymore.
Marta saw people sitting at desks in the window. They looked tired of the end of the day working.
They asked some questions to Marta but she couldn't answer as previous way. She started to feel cold. \\ Next, she saw a party, which exactly she wanted to join in for her entire whole life. She found another girl was falling above her, who was prettier than Marta. Then she realized many other prettier and younger girls were falling down. Marta felt the fear; fear of regrettable error.
The night went on and the lights inside windows turned off. There were no beautiful people anymore. Marta felt nervous. When she looked upwards, it was dark completely.
On the twenty-eighth floor, a wife shouted when an old woman just passed by. A man was drinking coffee and reading newspaper without expression. He said that these low floors only old woman passed by and beautiful girls fell much floors up. He shook his head and had another sip of coffee as usual.
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