Bigfoot Stole My Wife

Summary (締め切り 02年12月31日)

Written By Ron Carlson(P194)
Believe Everything

Anyone doesn't believe, but my wife was stolen by Big foot.
I spent two and a half years with my wife, Trudy. I often had the funny feeling that I would come from the track and something would be funny. I should be more alert but would it have any change?
Big foot is big and not trained.
Trudy was really good wife more than I deserve. She loves her garden and her dog. Big foot stole her dog, too. When I came home, there was a little difference, signs of a struggle. There was a spilled Dr. Pepper on the counter and the fridge was open. And the smell. It was hideous.
I shut the fridge door. It was the saddest thing I've ever had done. There's a photo of Trudy and I on the door.
Everyone is suspicious that Bigfoot stole my wife. However, I know it.

When I was thirteen years old, my mother's trailer was washed away in the flooding waters and swept thirty-one miles. It happened while my friend and I was looking at a photo of a naked woman, even my friend, Nuggy, was doing so called a sin. When we were finally pulled out of the trailer, Nuggy was without his pants.
It happened. Bigfoot stole my wife. Believe it.


Bigfoot Stole My Wife
What is your definition of credibility ?
For the hero Rick in this story, it is a certain but rather crazy idea that he had to cling on. Otherwise he can't face the fact - his wife Trudy's sudden disappearance. No one believe it but Rick insisted that Bigfoot stole his wife.
One day he came home from horse racing and found Trudy was gone with her collie Buster. Half of her clothing was gone, too and so was the Celica (her car). The cupboard was also bare. What do you suspect from these facts ? Rick wanted to think that Bigfoot stole his wife.
He sensed something unusual prior to her disappearance but was so busy being involved in the races that he couldn't seriously take omens scattered by her.
"Truth is stranger than fiction from time to time". Rick would like to take things this way because of his extraordinary experience through Harley River Flood in his childhood. He and his friend Naggy happened to be in his mother's trailer enjoying a secret adventure then, and it was washed away by the flooding water all of sudden and swept 31 miles. They were OK but had life-changing experience through it to a greater or lesser degree. It is unbelievable, but it is an obvious fact. Such things do happen !!
Bigfoot stole Rick's wife.
Not anyone but Rick has to believe it in order to live for the rest of his life. As what left for him was only a picture of Trudy and himself taped on the fridge.
Bigfoot Stole My Wife

I probably won't see my wife again, I wonder how he is treating her. He stole my wife, Trudy.
I guess Bigfoot was watching her all summer, I can't complain about this. My wife used to say "I'm not going to be here when you get home' like anyone else says, when I came home from track. I think in a way it was my fault what happened.
It was eleven thirty when I got home. There was a spilled drink on the counter and fridge was open. And the smell. The smell of Bigfoot. Half of Trudy's clothes are gone with her car.
When I was thirteen years old, my mother's trailer was carried away in the flood for 31 miles. I was with my friend, Nuggy in the trailer and never forget the magazine's girl we were watching. Who is going to believe we sailed in Harley River for such a long way? But it is a fact. After this awful mishap, my perspective had changed. I believe everything possible even I don't like to accept. My wife is not here anymore. I have to believe it.

年末 外房の温泉いってきました。千葉にも勝浦ってところあるんです。海がとってもきれいでした。露天風呂にもはいって久しぶりにごちそう食べてきました。正月太りが心配です、、。みなさん、今年もどうぞよろしくお願いします。

Bigfoot Stole My Wife

The problem is credibility. Nobody believes me. That makes me sad. It is true that Bigfoot stole my wife. When I came home from the races, my wife, Trudy was gone. Half of her clothes, her dog and her car were gone too. I found signs of a struggle and the smell of Bigfoot. He stole my wife. I know it was the truth. I've got to believe it.

When I was thirteen, my mother’s trailer was swept thirty-one miles in the flooding waters of the Harley River. I was inside the trailer with my friend, Nuggy. It was unbelievable, but it really happened.

I’m here to tell you that you should believe everything. I believe everything. Everything is possible. Bigfoot stole my wife. It’s a fact and I know it as a fact.



Bigfoot Stole My Wife

Rick believes Bigfoot stole his wife even if no one believes it.
He had been married with Trudy for two and a half years and one day Trudy disappeared when he came back home.
She'd say that one day she might disappear. But Rick was crazy about the races.
He thinks it is his fault because he was busy thinking about races while Bigfoot watching her during summer. He mentions some other evidences that he thinks credible.
He never cares if people believe him or not because it would change nothing. All the fact that he believes is credibility.
He cites a certain past memory that he experienced as the credibility example; the story about flood that washed him and others away thirty-one miles.
Anyway, the fact is just Trudy's gone and the inside of the house smelled funny, hairy..... He believes Bigfoot stole his wife.


"Man is born, educates himself, builds a house and a life, and then all that disappears when he dies. What is real? Is anything real? A thing becomes real to us when it is necessary to us. As long as we look for truth we remain unhappy. If we understand that nothing is true nor illusory..... then we can accept life and be hopeful."


今回、Rickという主人公の語りでしたが、彼は本当に妻がBigfootに連れ去れたと信じていたんでしょうか? そう信じ込もうとしていたという意見が大半だったみたいです。競馬に夢中のRickはいつか帰宅したら、自分には勿体無いような妻が忽然といなくなっているかもという恐怖心を持っていた。
競馬に夢中なんだから、妻にあいそをつかされてもしょうがないと思っていたのか? それとも子供時代にあった洪水みたいに思いがけない災難が降りかかるかもしれないと恐れていたのか・・・
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