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  Bigfoot Stole My Wife
Bigfoot(n) ビッグフット:米国とカナダの太平洋岸に近い山中に出るといわれる猿人(Sasquatch, omah)の別名
credibility(n) the quality of diserving to be believed and trusted
track(n) a circular course around which runners, cars etc race, often with a specially prepared surface
funny(adj) unusual and difficult to explain
one of these days at some time in the future
cut-off(n) short trousers that you make by cutting off the bottom part of trousers
obvious(adj) easy to notice or understand
明らかな,明白な; 理解しやすい
weigh(v) to consider something carefully so that you can make a decision about it
roster(n) a list of people's names showing the jobs they must do and the times when they must do them
mess(n) a situation in which a place looks very untidy or dirty, with things spread all around 2 a situation in which there are a lot of problems and difficulties, especially as a result of mistakes or carelessness
混乱[無秩序,乱雑] 状態(事態・立場などの)紛糾[混乱]状態;窮境,窮地
train(v) to teach an animal to do something or to behave correctly
rate(v) to deserve
nag(v) to keep complaining to someone about their bhaviour or asking them to do something in a way that is very annoying
daily double(n) (競馬・ドッグレースで)重勝式の賭(か)け,二重勝:(通例,第1,第2の)2レースを一組にして,それぞれの一着馬を当てる方式
pay for (…の)代金を払う,支払いをする
cramp(v) to prevent the development of someone's ablity to do something
dare(v) to try to persuade someone to do something dangerous or embarrassing as a way of proving that they are brave
poke(v) if something is poking through or out of something else, you can see part of it but not all of it
tip(n) special information about which horse will win a race
buck(n) a dollar
Harley River ?
mile(n) 1 kilometre=0.6214 miles
Mercy ?
potash(n) a sort of potasium used especially in farming to make the soil better
炭酸カリウム(potassium carbonate)の俗称;特に木灰から得られる不純物の多いもの(2)(工業用・肥料用の)カリ化合物
Dude ?
fold-out(n) (雑誌や書籍の)折り込み,とじ込み(ページ)
Griggs Griggs County だとしたら、North Dacodaの郡
buck(v) if a car buck, it moves forward in a way which is not smooth, but stops and starts suddenly
holler(v) to shout loudly
no sweat used to say that you can do something easily
sweat(v) (心配・悩み・いらだちのため)苦しむ,不安になる,じりじりする,ひどい目にあう
commit(v) to do something wrong or illegal
crest(v) if a wave crests it reaches its highest point before it falls
unmoor(v) to unfasten a ship or boat from the land or from the bottom of the sea unting ropes or an anchor
Exxon Station ガソリンスタンド(Exxonはエクソン:米国の石油会社)
fold up if an organisation folds up, it closes because it does not have enough money to continue
Painters' Mercantile ?
rip(v) to remove something from a surface using the edge of a knife, stick, etc
growl(v) if an animal growls it makes a long deep angry sound
rumble(v) to move slowly while making this sound
stump(n) the bottom part of tree that left in the ground after the rest of it has been cut down
wham(n) the sound made when something is hit very hard
lodge(v) to become firmly stuck somewhere, or make something become stuck
wheel(v) wheel around; to turn around suddenly
knickknack(n) a small object used as a decoration
fly by さっと飛んで行く
artillery(n) large guns, esepcially ones on wheels or fixed in one place, such as on a ship
take on (話)興奮する,取り乱す;悲嘆に暮れる
hug(v) to hold something in your arms close to your chest
swish(v) to move or make something move quickly through the air with a smooth quiet sound
〈棒・むちなどが〉ヒューッと音をたてる[音をたてて動く](along, down)〈小波などが〉サーッと音をたてる
right along right along/through/into/around etc; all the way along, through
ram(v) to push something into a position using great force
sweep(v) if winds, waves, storms etc sweep a place or sweep through, across etc a place, they move quickly and with a lot of force
Lime Falls ?
Willows ?
Regional School ?
monastery(n)) a buliding or group of buildings in which monks live
Malcolm County ?
haul(v) to pull something heavy with a continuous, steady movement
rig(n) a large truck
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