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worthwhile(adj) If something is worthwhile, it is enjoyable or useful,and worth the time, money, or effort that is spent on it.
remunerative(adj)  Remunerative work is work that you are paid for.
liev-in(adj) A live-in servant or other domestic worker sleeps and eats in the house where they work.
turn out When you are commenting on pleasant weather, you can say that is has turned out nice or fine, especially if this is unexpected.
gratification(n) 満足(感), 大喜び
tepid(adj)  If you descrive something such as a feeling or reaction as tepid, you mean that it lacks enthusiasm.
get used to If you get used to something or someone, you become familiar with it or get to know them, so that you no longer feel that the thing or person is unusual or surprising. 
so much as If you say that someone did not do so much as perform a paticular action, you are emphasizing that they did not even do that, when you were expecting them to do more.
not so much as
(原文では not ではなく、hardlyになっている) 
run-down(adj) If someone is fun-down, they are tired or slightly ill
a Jack from a box  A Jack-in-the-box is a child's toy that consists of a box with a doll inside it that jumps out when the lid is open.
pit(n)  A pit is the stone of a fruit or vegetable.
get to (Mary)  ((話))〈人に〉感銘[喜び]を与える;〈人を〉悩ます,いらいらさせる,怒らせる,〈人の〉かんにさわる;〈人に〉分かってもらう,理解される,信頼される (Maryを怒らせたのは)
repent(v) If you repent, you show or say that you are sorry for something wrong you have done.
get away  If you get away, you succeed in leaving a place or a person's company.
(家から)脱け出せる、空けられる (家族から)離れられる(私見)
commitment(n)  If you make a commitment to do somehting, you promise that you will do it.
keep up If you keep something up, you continue to do it or provide it.
breeze in  If you breeze into a place or a posioton, you enter it in a very casual or relaxeled manner.
top-grade Clifornia hybrid 最高級のカリフォルニア産の混生物(麻薬)
get higher ハイになって(私見)
underwater(adv)  Something that exists or happens underwater exists or happens below the surface of the sea, a river, or a lake.
stoned(adj)  If someone is stoned, their mind is greatly affected by a drug such as casnnabis
entwine(v)  If one thing is entwined with another thing, or if you entwine two things, the two things are twisted around each other.
tidal wave  A tidal wave is a very large wave, often caused by an earthquake, that flows onto the land and destroys things.
virtuous(adj)  If you descrive someone as virtuous, you mena that htey have done what htey ought to do and feel very pleased with themselves, perhaps too pleased.
clasp(v)  If you clasp someone or somehting, you hold them tightly in your hands or arms.

If you describe people, their way of life, or their attitudes as bourgeois, you disapprove of them because you consider them typical of conventional middle-class people.
中産階級の,中産階級から成る ((軽蔑的))ブルジョアの[的な],資本主義の[的な];物質本位の,俗物的な,平凡で保守的 

counterespionage(n) Counterespionage consists of actions tht a country takes in order to find out whether another country is spying on it and to prevent it from doing so.
lustful(adj)  Lustful means feeling or expressing strong sexual desire.
brawl(v)  If someone brawls, they fight in a very rough or violent way.
騒々しく[激しく]けんかする;口論する 〈激流などが〉ごうごうと流れる
slice(v) If you slice bread, meat, fruit, or other food, you cut it into thin pieces.
however you slice it  =no matter how(or whichever way) you slice it ;どう見よう[考えよう]と.
delude(v) If you delude yourself, you let yourself believe that something is true, even though it is not true.
〈人の〉心[判断]を(…で)惑わす,たぶらかす,だます毆ith;〈人を〉だまして(…)させる殃nto doing;((再帰的))思い違い[勘違い]する
downright(adv) You use downright to emphasize unpleasant or bad qualities or behaviour.
authentic(adj)  An authentic person, object, or emotion is genuine.
so much for  If you say so much for a particular thing, you mean that it has not been successful or helpful.
connoisseur(n) A conoisseur is someone who knows a lot about the arts, food, drink, or some other subject.
(美術品・趣味の品などの)鑑定家,鑑識家 (一般にその道の)通,目利き,玄人,権威
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