Happy Endings

Summary (締め切り 04年1月31日)

Written By Margaret Atwood(P55〜P59)
How and Why is more important in life
John and Mary meet.
A. They fall in love and get married. They have good and profitable jobs, nice two children, pleasant and satisfying sex life, and enjoyable and exciting hobbies. Then they die.

B. Mary falls in love with John, but he doesn't. John just uses her body. Mary believes he will change, but he won't. One day a friend tells her that John and a girl were eating at a restaurant. John hasn't taken her to any restaurant. Her heart is badly hurt. She takes pills to try to suicide wishing John will come to help her and repent and they could get married. However, he doesn't come and she dies.

C. John is a married man. He falls in love with Mary. Mary is a young girl who has an attractive boyfriend. She doesn't love John, but makes love with him. One day Mary's boyfriend brings a good quality drug, and they enjoy it. During they are having a sex, John, who has the key of her apartment, comes in and sees their lusty attitude. John is desperate and buys a gun, then shoots two of them and also shoots himself.

D. Fred and Madge have a good life. One day a giant tidal wave washes their house away. But they escape from it. After that continues as in A.

E. Fred has a bad heart. Until Fred dies they are nice and kind to each other.

F. If you want something not so bourgeois, make John a revolutionary and Mary a counterespionage agent and see how far that gets you.

The endings are always the same. John and Mary die.

None can change the endings. What happens are not so important, it is important how happens and why happens.


Happy Endings

John and Mary meet. That's the beginning of this story, and then it developed into 6 different scenarios.

A. John and Mary fall in love with each other and get married. They have a wonderful life together until they die.

B. Mary loves John but John doesn't love her at all. He uses her body only for his egoistic gratification. No matter how devoted Mary tries to be, John never reward her. At last Mary commits suicide. John marries Madge whom he really loves. The rest of the story goes as A.

C. John, an old man, is married to Madge. Although they have nothing to worry about, John is bored with his life. Then he falls in love with a 22-year-old woman called Mary. Mary doesn't love John but she sleeps with him as she feels sorry for him. Mary does love James who is as old as her. One day John happens to see Mary and James making love. He isn't in the position to be jealous but buys a gun and shoots them and himself. After an appropriate time Madge marries a discrete man called Fred and the story goes as A.

D. The sequel to version C. Fred and Madge leads a happy life in a charming house by the seashore. One day a big tidal wave attacked them. Somehow they managed to survive and the rest of the story goes as A.

E. The sequel to version D. Fred is found to have a heart disease. Madge devoted herself to take care of him. After Fred's death she gets absorbed in charity work and the story goes as A. It can be Madge that has a disease. It can be cancer instead of a heart disease. You can change whatever part you want in making a plot.

F. If you feel it too ordinary, you can make John a revolutionary and Mary a spy. And you can still make the story end as A.

When making a plot, beginnings and endings are important. But it is more important how you develop it in between. The same thing can be said for your life. How and why you live is the most important.

Happy Endings

A: John and Mary get married. They love each other. They have good jobs and buy a nice house. Afterwards, they have two children whom they adore. They have a very satisfactory life as they go on the vacation, raise children. Since they have retired their jobs, they have hobbies. In conclusion, they die. This is perfect.

B: John doesn't love Mary as she does. John comes Mary's place twice a week. John makes love with Mary just like a routine work. He usually sleeps for a while. During his sleep, she tries to put the things tidy and neat such as washing dishes, putting on lipstick, which he even doesn't care. She loves another John in her imagination and she never listen to advice of her friends. Her friends tell her John was with another woman in the restaurant. John has never taken Mary to a restaurant. So, Mary was upset and confused. She took sleeping pills and aspirins with sherry. This causes Mary dies. She ruined her whole life by giving herself up to love.

C. Mary is twenty-two years old. John falls in love with her. This is one way love, she doesn't love him. She loves another young man called James who rides motorcycle sometimes and has a gorgeous record collection. On the other hand, John is married man, has two children. His recent concern is that he is going to be bald. It really doesn't matter for Mary whether he has a good job or not.
One day, John finds Mary and James are together in her apartment. John bought a handgun, in the end, he triggered to John and Mary and himself.
John's wife, Madge marries another man called Fred. Then, they have a happy life.

D. Fred and Madge lead a happy married life. But Big tsunami came, they make it though escaping. They are lucky but their house value go down and a lot of people are drowned.

E. But Fred has a bad heart. Madge devotes herself to charity work after Fred dies.

F. If you think these are usual life, make John a revolutionary and Mary a counterespionage agent. You still have potential to make your life happily.

Everyone dies some day. But it is important how you live. Now try how and why.

middle-angelさんの「B」のegoistic gratificationという言葉、内容にピッタリです。書いてるとき、思いつかなかった! selfish pleasure なんてのもいいかも? とてもAを短くまとめられているのには、驚きました。でも、その短さで十分、説明されていますね。
ぱんぷきんさんの「A」This is perfectと書かれていますが、確かに、こういう結婚生活、文句のつけようがないですね。
それに、「B」の 「 just like a routine work」これ、笑っちゃいました。ほんと、一週間に二度、きちんきちんとMaryを尋ねてくるのに、愛情がない、それをうまく表現されていますね!


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