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preparatory(adj) Preparatory actions are done before doing something else as a form of preparation or as an introduction.
準備の,予備の 進学準備の
laud(v) If people laud someone, they praise and admire them.
comparable(adj)  Something that is comparable to something else is roughly similar, for example in amout or importance.
aforementioned(adj) If you refer to the aforementioned person or subject, you mean the person or subject that has already been mentioned.
illegitimate(adj) A perosn who is illegitimate was born of parents who were not married to each other.
extol(v) If you extol something or someone, you praise them enthusiastically.
origin(n)  When you talk about a person's origin or origins, you are referring to the country, race, or social class of their parents or ancestors.
((ばしば origins))生まれ,出生,出身,家柄,素性,血統 
wedlock(n) Wedlock is the state of being married.
matriculation(n)  大学入学 
hearten(v) If someone is heartened by something, it encourages them and makes them cheerful.
nuptial(n)  Nuptial is used to refer to things relating to wedding or to marriage.
Someone's nuptials are their wedding celebrations.
migrant(n)  A migrant is a person who moves from one place to another, especially in order to find work.
migrant worker 渡り労働者,季節労働者 
seduce(v) If something seduces you, it is so attractive that it makes you do something that you would not otherwise do.
〈人を〉そそのかす,誘惑する;〈人を〉そそのかして(…)させる[させない] 〈婦女を〉(言葉巧みに)誘う,口説く,たらし込む,だまして性交をする[貞操を奪う]
recoil(v) If something makes you recoil, you move your body quickly away from it because it frightens, offends, or hurts you.
Lysenko ルイセンコ(1898-1976):ソ連の生物学者・農学者
friar(n) A friar is a member of one of several Catholic religious orders.
hue(n) A hue is a color.
reconnaissance(n)  Reconnaissance is the activity of obtaining military information about a place by sending soldiers or planes there, or by the use of satelites.
penetrate(v) If something or someone penetrates a physical object or an area, they succeed in getting into it or passing through it.
persecute(v)  If someone is persecuted, they are treated cruelly and unfairly, often because of their raice or beliefs.
〈人を〉(特に宗教・人種・信仰のために)しつこく苦しめる,しいたげる,迫害[圧迫]する,罰する 〈人を〉(質問などで)うるさく悩ます,苦しめる,わずらわす;〈動物を〉(仕事などで)酷使する 
rejoinder(n) A rejoinder is a reply, especially a quick, witty, or critical one, to a question or remark.
slander(v)  To slander someone means to say untrue things about them in order to damage their reputation.
ponderous(adj) Ponderous writing or speech is very serious, uses more words than necessary, and is rather dull.
prevail(v) If a proposal, principle, or opinion prevails, it gains influence or is accepted, often after a struggle or argument.
fidget(v) If you fidget, you keep moving your hands or feet slightly or changing your position slightly, for example because you are nervous, bored, or excited.
absorption(n) The absorption of a group into a larger group is the process of it becoming part of the larger group.
統合,合併,併合,編入 組合員優先雇用
heredity(n)  Heredity is the process by which features and characteristics are passed on from parents to their children before the chidren are born.
progenitor(n)  A progenitor of someone is a direct ancestor of theirs.
transgression(n)  If someone transgresses, they break a moral law or a rule of behaviour.
nonetheless(adv) Nontheless means the same as nevertheless.
deteriorate(v)  If something deteriorates, it becomes worse in some way.
obscurantist(n)  If you describe something as obscurantist, you mean that it is deliberately vague and difficult to understand, so that it prevents people from finding out the truth about it.
uproot(v) If you uproot yourself or if you are uprooted, you leave, or are made to leave, a place where you have lived for a long time.
…を根こぎにする,引っこ抜く …を(生まれ育った土地・環境から)立ち退かせる,追い払う,追い立てる,引き離す
imbecile(n)  If you call someone an imbecile, you are showing that you think they are stupid or have done something stupid.
痴愚:白痴(idiocy)より軽度で,精神年齢が7,8歳ぐらい,知能指数が25-50ぐらいの精神薄弱者. ばか,まぬけ,愚か者
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