Summary (締め切り 03年1月31日)

Written By Sergei Dovlatov(P250)
Freezing Mind

  Katya waked Egorov, who was the captain, up in the early cold morning. He had been dreaming a funny dream, so he told her about it, but she didn't care about it.
 Only her cared about was the coldness of their place. She cried that she couldn't go on any more. She wanted a different environment.
 When "The Turkish March" came over the radio, Katya imagined that Turkish soldiers were walking through deep snow and their turbans, uniforms and yataghans were covered by snow.
 Egorov dumped an armful of firewood into the stove. The room was gradually warming. However, Katya still irritated by the howling of a dog.
 Then Egorov went out. The dog's barking stopped. He returned with something wrapped in a tarpaulin.
 Katya asked about it, but he didn't answer clearly.

 この著者は a prison camp in labor campsで働いていたそうです。ロシアの刑務所文学を書いていたとか・・・ \\ Katya が思い出した詩は、刑務所に勤める前のことなんでしょうね。どういう風に詩のことを入れていいのかわからないので、省略してしまいました。

 Katya got up very early in the morning. It was very quiet and cold. She put on her slippers and her bluish warm bathrobe. After she read the words of daily calendar, she woke Egorov up.
 They had some conversations, suddenly she started to cry. That made Egorov depressed. He didn't understand why she was crying but he slowly dressed.
 Katya didn't like to live here. While Katya was looking up the window, Egorov was outside to pick up armful of firewood. Then she began to talk again that she hated winter here and hated frost in the morning, dark evenings, dogs barking, ice in the washbasin. He friendly suggested they invite some people but she refused because she was not in her right mind anymore. In the kennel, the dog started to howl. Egorov pulled out of her hands, went outside. Katya went into the kitchen, she found the ice in the washbasin was melting. She remembered some poem lines that had been a gift to her from Lenya Mak which was heard from phonograph record.
Incidentally a shot rang out. The dog stooped to howl. After a while, he came back with a something in a sheet. Katya was afraid to look at it but asked him what happened. He didn't answer for it.

A severe climate has a tendency to make people gloomy.
 Katya woke up early in the morning. It was still dark outside. She turned on the light and tried to wake up her partner Egorov. Katya really concerned about snowdrift halfway up the window, frozen water, moreover she hated everything related to winter. What really bothered her was their dog barking outside the house. She wanted Egorov to understand that she was losing her mind. Ice in the washbasin symbolized her uneasiness. However he didn't seem to recognize it, instead he suggested that she should have a baby. He also assured everything would be all right. Then again the dog began to howl. "Wait a second," Egorov said and went outside. Ice in the washbasin was melting. Katya put an old record and listened to the lines dedicated to her by a weight -lifter. She was immersed in reminiscence. All of sudden she heard a shot in the kennel. Egorov came back with something wrapped in a tarpaulin. Katya knew what had happened to the dog.


 It was a cold winter. One morning, Katya woke up Egorov and told him about ice in the washbasin, one of which made her feel gloomy because she was fed up with such severe cold.
 However, Egorov the captain said it was normal, and started talking about his dream that he had. He did not seem to pay attention to her feeling.
 Katya wanted different life - a life of lovely and warm.
 When "The Turkish March" coming over the radio, Katya imagined Turkish soldiers trudging through snow and felt so depressed more and more. Egorov still did not understand her feeling at all. It made her lose her mind.
So, he said he would do anything that she wanted. He said he would get apples and champagne, and invite Zhenka Bortashievich and Larissa. But what he said didn't fit what she was expecting and also she hated all his theoretical answers. Around that time a dog was barking outside and Katya directed her anger towards the dog. She said "I cannot endure that barking.
 After that, when the room was getting warm and the ice in the washbasin was melting, she cooled down a little. Egorov said "Everything will be wonderful. If we are good ourselves." The dog was still barking. Saying "Wait a second," Egorov went out.
 Katya was waiting, in a better mood with recalling a certain poem.
 In the kennel, a shot rang out.   The dog stopped barking. After a moments, Egorov returned with something wrapped in a tarpaulin.



Katya woke up very early. There was ice in the washbasin and the snowdrifts had reached halfway up the window. She hated everything here. It was too cold and depressing. She couldn't take it anymore. First, Egorov, who is the captain, didn't take her complaints seriously, but when she burst into tears saying, " I can't go on." he realized that she was really depressed and unhappy.
 She thought how different her life could have been if she had been somewhere else. Trying to make her feel better, Egorov said that they could invite his friends, but she didn't like the idea. She complained about the dog's barking. He insisted that everything will be all right if they are good themselves.
 When the dog started to howl again he went out. Seeing the ice in the washbasin melting made her feel slightly better. She put on a record and remembered the poem that had been dedicated to her from somebody else. Then she heard a shot .He killed his dog for her. He looked satisfied. She was shocked.


A severe climate makes people feel gloomy.
Katy had been living with her partner Egorov. The snowdrift halfway up the window, frozen water, moreover everything made by the winter climate let her confuse in that day.
She hated the barking of their dog outside. Although she wanted that Egorov realise it, the feeling had not reached him. Then, it happened because of the howl, which the dog began. Her mind was beyond the limit.
When Egorov brought something wrapped in a tarpaulin from outside, she recognized what had happened to the dog.

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