Looking For A Rain God

Summary (締め切り 03年5月31日)

Written By Bessie Head(P255〜P259)
How People Can Resist Severe Nature

The village was lonely but there were lot of plants to eat and enjoy seeing and enough water. But from 1958 things changed because seven years drought. The trees withered, the moss became dry and hard, the ground turned a powdery black and white.
People, at first, looked their situation as not so miserable. Then drought didn't end rain was rare, people began to worry and only they thought was when it rained.
Mokgobja, the villager, a 70-year-old man, also desperately waited for a rain fall. His two daughters broke down and wailed loudly at night. His two granddaughters, however, were playing cheerfully. They made children from sticks around which they tied rags, and scolded them severely in an exact imitation of their mother.
"You stupid thing, when I send you to draw water, why do you spill half of it out of the bucket!" "You stupid thing! Can't you mind the porridge pot without letting the porridge burn!" And then they would beat the rag dolls on their bottoms with severe expression.
The adults didn't care what children were doing. They just sat waiting for rain. Mokgobja began to think about his experiences of his youth. He remembered a rain-making ceremony. Finally he consulted in whispers with his youngest son who was two girls' father. They agreed with each other and decided to sacrifice their two girls to make a rain.
Children didn't know anything about what their father and grandfather were planning, and they continued their game.
Then two girls bodies were spread across the land.
Still no rain.
People soon noticed two girls were missing. They asked why, but the family told girls just died at the land and they buried them there. People were suspicious about their death.
Then police came around. The family explained two girls death as they told to village people. Then the police asked to see their graves. At this, the mother of two girls broke down and told everything.
They were sentenced to death without considering the ritual ceremony and their terrible situation.
People of the village thought they could have done the same thing as the family did. Only a hair's breadth had saved them form sharing a fate similar to that of the Mokgobja family. Sometimes severe nature makes people loose their minds.

Looking For A Rain God
What if it happens to you ? An extreme situation sometimes makes people cruel. If it is the matter of life or death, you may sacrifice even your kin without any hesitation. This is a very sorrowful and depressed story.
People in the village had been suffered from a serious drought for 7 years. The lands they had been to plough were so dry and desolate that a lot of men desperately hung themselves to death . Everybody wanted rain so badly.
The rainy season came a little late that year. Although it was a scanty rain, people in the village moved off to the lands to plough. It was the beginning of the ploughing season. Mokgobja, an old man and his family were among them. The family consisted of 7 people including 2 little girls. About a half month later, the rain clouds fled away all of sadden and instead, the dizzy sunshine left. Not even a single crop you could expect there. Such a severe climate drove people mad except the 2 little girls. At last an ancient ritual of praying for rain flitted across Mokgobja's mind. He told his son about the ritual that a certain rain god accepted only the sacrifice of the bodies of children. They had no choice but carried it out to make the rain fall but it turned out to be in vain.
Mokgobja and his son got arrested for murdering 2 innocent girls and people in the village thought that it could have been their turn the next day.
Looking For A Rain God
The land was fertile and lush. People could make little rest at watering places and the children could hunt around fresh berries before 1958.
From that year, a seven year drought fell on the land, every place began to dry.
The terrible suffering for people was summer because of no rain. They didn't know how to escape from the heat. A lot of men killed themselves by hanging.
The rain came late after that year, but not so much. The old man Mokgobja had a family including two little girls, their mother, her sister and the father, Ramadi. They were preparing for ploughing. They waited and waited for the crops. But about two weeks later, the rain stopped, only the sun strongly shined in the the sky. Even the goat could not produce the milk. The adult didn't care what two little girls were doing, the girls are playing quite happily though.
Lastly Mokgobja brought back to memory, which was the rain god accepted only the sacrifice of bodies of children. They lost consciousness. The two little girls had been thrown away on the land but there was no rain.
People in the village thought strangely why two children died at the same time. The family never told the true story about girls' death but to the police. The old man and Ramadi was sentenced death penalty.
People in the extreme situation lose their mind completely. Who knows it will might happen to you?
Looking For A Rain God

This is a story of a drougt-affected village and the family who sinned in such an extreme situation.
The village had been stricken with drought for 7 years, and many of people there chose to death.
They desired the rain.
The rain came in early November of that year, but it was thin, scanty, and misty.
The beginning of the rainy season meant the beginning of the ploughing season so that they left for the lands to plough.
The family of the old man, Mokgobja, was one of those who went to the lands to plough.
They ploughing, the land was waiting for crops.
But in mid-November the rain suddenly flew away.
The day after day the land was parched in the sun.
The family felt despair.
Finally, an ancient memory stirred Mokgobja to a certain action; a ritual murder.
He and his son, Ramadi, carried out the old cruel ritual that is to offer the sacrifice of the bodies of kids to a god to make the rain fall.
That is, they killed two girls of their family.
However, the rain did not fall.
They were sentenced to death for that.
Their sufferings were not admissible in court, but all of dwellers could not accuse the two man and thought they could have done the same thing.

>Papers and photos were spread across the floor. He spread the map out on the desk.
a table spread with a white cloth




アフリカの話はTerminal (初回の勉強会)以来。どちらも深刻な暗いお話。アフリカの明るい話、出会ってみたいものです。
そう Mokgobjaは思いつめてたのでしょう。もし、少女たちの犠牲で雨が降っていたら、どうなったんでしょう。
限界状態、そんなこと死ぬまでに経験するかどうかわかりませんが、 Mokgobjaのようなことだけは避けたいと(当たり前だけど)思います。

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