On Hope

Summary (締め切り 03年7月31日)

Written By Spencer Holst (P51〜P54)GiblartarMonkeyの写真はココにあります。呪いのダイヤのエピソードはコチラ
On Hope

No matter how inevitable the situation seems to be at first glance, there may be some logical alternatives, we can think of, to avoid it. That is what “hope” matters.
The necklace, the Diamond of Hope, was brought to the gypsy for three times. It was a very precious, famous but cursed necklace, which brought misfortune to whomever that possessed it. His partner, the demon monkey trained by him as a thief, brought it to him. The monkey stole it from the royal princess visiting the Rock of Gibraltar with her queen mother. Such a large stone, specially owned by the royal family, must be very difficult to be sold. Therefore the gypsy sent it back to the princess for the first two times with a warning note to pay more attention to the gem. Despite of his effort, the necklace returned to him for the third time. The monkey who brought it was shot to death by the royal guard. Three times!! It means something. He was sure then to be singled out by the necklace and possessed the misfortune at the same time.
One night with a full moon, the gypsy swam a mile off the shore, where the Gibraltar Trench, a mile deep trench, located. There he dropped the necklace so that he thought nobody could reach it any more. With content he started sluggish swimming back to the shore. Simultaneously the necklace was falling down toward the bottom but it reached the dorsal fin of a sleeping shark. The shark woke up and swam upward to the surface of the sea, where the gypsy was still swimming sluggishly. It was the gypsy who was very surprised to see the necklace again, shouted, and cut a splash. In the dark night he couldn’t recognize the shark’s fin but the only the necklace, as if it had been moving in the air. “Is this a miracle or only my delusion ?” he thought. The shark noticed the gypsy and began swimming toward him and so did he toward the necklace (or the shark).
The story ended here.
It is very likely that you imagine the gypsy got killed. However as far as the word “hope” is concerned, we can think the following reasons to avoid it.
1. The gypsy must smell different to the shark in such an odd situation.
2. The gypsy is an animal trainer.
3. The shark was chosen by the necklace.

Cursed Diamond
It occurred in Gibraltar when the British Queen and the princess visited. The gypsy was given the cursed diamond, Diamond of Hope which had stolen from the British Royal Princess three times by a monkey he trained. The diamond was the largest in the world and the owner of it always had misfortune. It was as if an inevitable thing or a fate that he got the diamond. The gypsy trained his monkey to steal jewelry, however, the diamond couldn't be sold. He sent it back to the princess twice, but the monkey took it. Third time the monkey brought the diamond, it was shot to death. Then he thought he had the fate to remove the diamond from the British Royal family. So he buried the monkey and went to the shore. He swam out a mile where the depth was a mile, then dropped the diamond. He felt a relief and a sort of satisfaction because he saved the princes from the curse of the diamond. However, the diamond hooked on the dorsal fin of a shark. The shark felt something and began to swim to the man and passed him. The gypsy saw the diamond floating he couldn't believe what was going on and whether it was a real or an illusion. He began to chase the diamond, then soon the diamond approaching him.
What would happen is not certain. Did the shark eat the gypsy? If the shark were the owner of the diamond, the curse would affect the shark and it couldn't eat him easily like as it did when it had no diamond. The gypsy was an animal trainer, so he couldn't be eaten by the shark like an ordinary person. Then, what happened?
On Hope

Royalty visited the Rock of Gibraltar with a famous necklace. It belonged to the royal princess and was with a cursed stone, the Diamond of Hope. A gypsy was to be given the necklace three times by his demon monkey because the monkey had been well trained to steal gems. The first twice the gypsy sent it back to the royal princess with a note of warning but it didn't work. The third round the monkey was shot to death.
This time gypsy thought he had been singled out to take the curse off the princess so that he did not give it back. He went to the sea, swam out a mile, and let go of the necklace in the sea. It fell down and got hung up with a sleeping shark. The shark awaked to it and started to move. The gypsy in the water saw the necklace floating and moving past him (but he didn't notice the shark). He swam toward the necklace to comfirm whether it was a miracle or just a hallucination. The necklace also started to move toward him.
That is where the story ends.
At first glance the result seems inevitable, but the author believes a hopeful ending because of some reasons below:
1. A shark wouldn't attack such a man thinking of it as a miraculous manifescation or merely a figment of his imagination.
2. The gypsy is an animal trainer.
3. Now the necklace belongs to the shark.


On Hope

On the Rock of Gibraltar, there was a monkey. It was trained by a gypsy. It sneaked into rooms of the hotels and stole jewels for the gypsy.
One day the monkey stole a necklace from the princess of Great Britain. The necklace was famous for its big diamond, the Diamond of Hope. The diamond had a story that the great misfortune had happened to whoever owned it. The gypsy tried in vain to return the necklace to the princess. When his monkey died under a curse, he realized that he was chosen to save the princess from the curse.
One night he dropped the necklace into the Gibraltar Trench so as not to be found by anyone. It meant to him that the curse on the necklace could not bring any more misfortune to anybody. The necklace was supposed to be lost in the deep sea forever. However the curse on the diamond was much stronger than expected. It chose a shark as its next owner, and the shark with the diamond on the dorsal fin was coming closer to the gypsy.
The gypsy's misfortune seems to be inevitable. Is there any hope for him? The answer is "Yes." As far as we can imagine an alternative ending to save the gypsy, there must be hope.

On Hope
He had a monkey trained to bring jewels. He lived near Straits of Gibraltar where royal family visited at that time with the famous necklace, the largest stone called "Diamond of Hope".
It was a cursed necklace, whomever possessed it, misfortune had followed it.
The monkey had stolen this necklace for three times! But the gypsy put it back to the princess because this was not sold at all. And the third time, when the monkey brought it, it was shot and died. He put the necklace in his pocket, thought he was the one to take the curse off princess. He took off his clothes and only necklace he put on. He dove in and swam in the Mediterranean. There was a very deep spot about a mile away from the shore. He dropped it and smiled. He thought this was the end of misfortune. The necklace fell down very very deeply. He swam back slowly. It fell straight down but it hit the dorsal fin of sleeping shark. The shark went upward. He found the necklace floating and moving past him. Was it a miracle or just a delusion? As he shouted and waved, the necklace began to move to him.
Is this inevitable ending that the shark ate him? Or is there any hope for him?

さて、今回の作品はその名を「Diamond of Hope」、世界一大きなダイヤモンドのネックレスが主人公(?)。ジプシーの訓練したお猿さん、どうしてそう何度も同じでっかいダイヤを盗んだのか。
面白い話ですが、私は呪いは信じないです。でも、ダイヤの力っていうのはあるかも! そんなに大きなダイヤモンドを持っていたら、自分は特別な選ばれた人間だって思えることでしょうね。

Spencer Holstの作品
The Zebra Storyteller; Collected Storied Brilliant Silence: A Book of Paragraohs & Sentences and 13 Very Very Short Stories

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